Todays, one query is coming to all bloggers that why google is showing negative balance in AdSense tab? We also have negative balance in our adsense balance tab (home page). Some other bloggers are asking us for this issue. So I am writing this post to help them out from this problem.

Here are some screenshots of negative balance from various bloggers
AdSense is Showing Negative Balance  To Almost Bloggers (Reason)
HowToCrazy AdSense ScreenShot

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AdSense is Showing Negative Balance  To Almost Bloggers (Reason)
Received in Email (Friend)

Reason Behind Google AdSense Negative Balance
I wrote this problem to google about negative balance, and then Google AdSense Team replied us for the reason – 
         “There is a small issue with the home tab that is showing the number incorrectly (negative). If you take a look at your payments tab, you will see that everything is normal. There is nothing to worry about.”

So don’t worry about your balance. You have your actual balance as your current balance. Check below image for clearing your query

Image Source – SML

Last words – Finally, there is no problem in your AdSense Balance, Keep blogging and keep earning… Share this article for other bloggers to get rid of this issue.

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