How to take swimsuit photos for Instagram properly?

Instagram is a social network built on visual aesthetics. That is why it is not so easy to surprise the public here. And after all, not only your popularity but also your business may depend on it! Today we’ll talk about how to create spectacular photos in swimsuits for publication on social networks. Our tips will be useful for those who sell beachwear through Instagram or just want to show off beautiful shots from the beach.

Swimsuits photos for Instagram

A good mood above all!

When shooting on the beach, it is extremely important to relax and allow yourself sincere emotions. You don’t need to take any mannered poses or pull your stomach in — you can add sexy abs to your finished photos with the abs photo editor RetouchMe app. Often the best shots are spontaneous, taken at a moment when the model completely forgot about what is in front of the camera. You can take beach games, brightly colored inflatable laps, and balls with you — all this will provide leisure time and will be a great addition to the image.

Keep an eye on the lighting

If shooting outside, the sun’s rays should envelop the figure from the side. Ideal conditions are created the first time after sunrise and a couple of hours before sunset. In the daytime, you can move the shooting to a colorful beach bar, or under a sunshade. The thing is that the dinner light changes the visual perception of the figure and casts ugly shadows on the model’s face.

At any time of the year, the photo session can be held in an indoor water park or even in the studio among thematic decorations! In this case, the question of lighting will be less acute.

The right choice of swimsuit

Even if the photo is made for a commercial purpose, it is important to take into consideration the type of model when choosing swimsuits for the photo shoot. For example, girls with small breasts will suit options with ruffles, flounces, and push-ups. Cutting a swimsuit should visually balance the figure. So, do not use a bodice with puffy and just accent elements for the silhouette of an “inverted triangle”. But the most important rule is to match the size. Nothing spoils the picture like a tie that digs into your shoulders and hips or a bodice with too big cups.

Remember the rules of posing

The task of photos for Instagram is not just to demonstrate a swimsuit, but to create a beautiful overall shot, an attractive atmosphere of carefree relaxation. Therefore, the model and photographer should pay special attention to posing.

  • The waist will look thinner if you sit cross-legged and straight back (in a lotus pose).
  • It is important to relax the face, especially the jaw, to make the expression look more friendly and relaxed. A gentle half-smile or slightly open lips look good in the frame. Forget about a “rubber” smile and feigned emotions.
  • Standing in a pose, do not cover some parts of the body with other parts, do not stretch out your arms and legs straight to the camera, and do not dilute them strictly to the sides — it spoils the proportions of the figure.
  • A visually slimmer body will seem if you stand half-turned, slightly raise your toes, and gracefully put your leg towards the photographer. If it is necessary to show the swimsuit “from the front side”, the model can move her hips to the side, for example, having support under the elbow.
  • When using accessories, you can’t put them in front of you. So the model will not change her silhouette for the better, she will get ugly shadows on the abdomen or chest, and will not show off her new swimsuit! This is especially important when it comes to massive objects such as beach bags, inflatable circles, balls, and hats.

Using these simple tips, you can take really spectacular swimsuit photos!