How to Choose a Control Panel for Linux?

Control Panel for Linux

Running your server on a Linux operating system is one thing while choosing the right Linux control panel is another because there are several control panels. Nevertheless, using the right Linux web hosting control panel like the ispmanager Linux control panel for your server’s administration is in your project or business’s best interest. 

The benefits of using a control panel for managing Linux are enormous. For instance, a control panel is excellent for system administrators to manage settings and features on servers, applications, and websites. Thus, in this article, you will discover what you should look for and consider when choosing a commercial control panel. 

Factors to consider before choosing a control panel

Choosing a Linux operating system and the right control panel cannot be overemphasized because they go a long way in making a server a good fit for your project or business. However, there are several control panels in the market, and you may need help to choose the one that is best for you. This then begs the question: how do I choose the right control panel? Below, you will find the factors to narrow down your choice and make the right decision. 

  • Cost

There are some free control panels you can choose from. However, a free control panel for managing Linux will have its limitations, and you may need to consider a paid one depending on your project or business requirements. Nevertheless, the cost of using a commercial control panel can significantly influence your choice. 

  • Features

Different control panels come with various features. Thus, the features you desire in a hosting control panel for Linux can be an excellent basis for narrowing down your list of control panels. However, you must remember that a cost is usually attached to a broader range of features, but there are control panels that can provide you with a wide range of features at an affordable price. 

  • User interface

A control panel with a user-friendly interface often tops the list for system administrators and web hosting providers, especially newbies. Thus, you may need to ask yourself if a Linux control panel user interface appeals to you and is easy to understand. Is it worth going for a commercial control panel with a user interface that is difficult to understand? Obviously, not.

  • Community support 

You will need help at some point in running a server, mainly to troubleshoot Linux servers. However, you can troubleshoot most issues on the Linux server with a control panel. What if you still need help resolving a problem? Then, the community forum of your control panel should be able to help. Thus, choosing a commercial control panel with a friendly and helpful community forum is crucial. 

  • Distributions support

Only a few control panels can be installed on most Linux distributions. So, you have to find out if you can install your choice of control panel on your Linux distribution. Nevertheless, most control panels are compatible with the top Linux distributions such as Ubuntu, Debian, CloudLinux, CentOS, and the like. However, if you are using a not-so-common Linux distribution, you must do due diligence to choose a control panel compatible with your Linux distribution.

  • Frequency of updates

Before choosing a hosting control panel for Linux, you must know if it is actively maintained. For instance, using a control panel that is not actively maintained is like using an outdated operating system without recent updates. Similarly, security updates are essential. You should strike it off your list if security updates are not promptly issued on a control panel. 

  • Paid support

What if you need paid support from the admin of a free control panel? Is it available? If yes, how much does it cost? It would be in your interest to focus on free control panels with affordable paid support. 

  • Documentation

When you buy a piece of equipment, it comes with a manual. Similarly, whichever control panel you settle for must have a manual in the form of articles for its features. Furthermore, these articles must be easy to understand for you. 

Additional tips for choosing the right Linux control panel

  1. You may need to look beyond the price tag of a control panel because a free or less expensive control panel may not suit your needs — most times, the lower the price of a control panel, the lower the quality.
  2. Always prioritize a control panel with quality-related certifications. These quality certifications assure you that the control panel has almost no defects and the control panel supplier guarantees a high level of workmanship.
  3. Accessibility and usability are vital requirements of a control panel. Thus, consider ergonomics to reduce difficulties, fatigue and discomfort while using a control panel before choosing one.
  4. It is advisable to speak to the supplier of a control panel before choosing one. It is essential to talk to control panel suppliers to communicate the operation requirements of your project or business. Through this discussion, you can better understand what the control panel can offer and know if it is the best fit for you. 


This guide has highlighted the things to consider when choosing a Linux control panel for your Linux. There are several control panels in the market to choose from, but you must remember that you must only choose a powerful web hosting control panel that is a good fit for you or your server administration. So, you must continue researching until you find the one that fits your needs. 

However, why go through such stress when there is an ispmanager Linux control panel? With ispmanager, you are guaranteed the best affordable solutions for managing your Linux-based systems and servers in a user-friendly web interface.