3 Essential Techniques for How to Edit Videos

Techniques for How to Edit Videos

When you’re an indie filmmaker, the job doesn’t stop once the camera does. The next step is firing up the video editing software and crafting that footage into something great! Video editing is a different set of skills from directing or shooting.

You can learn how to edit videos from a lot of places, but there are essential techniques you should know. You need to know your jump cut from your montage to make a satisfying project. So read on for three essential techniques for how to edit videos.

1. Edit for a Story

Every video should tell a story, whether it’s a product review or a short story. When you are editing your video, remember to cut any extra footage and reorder clips. Your edits should make the video aesthetically pleasing and add compelling drama!

If you start with a storyboard, you should follow that to get the best results. Remember that using the wrong transitions or effects can ruin the flow of your story. Don’t overdo those things, sometimes less is more!For an added layer of professionalism, consider using a subtitle generator to ensure your video content is accessible and engaging for a wider audience.

Remember that professional videographers are some of the best storytellers. They use all the tools at their disposal to tell that story. Including a green screen rental to set the perfect background!

2. Learn the Lingo

One of the top video editing tips is to learn the lingo of video production. You need to know what a cutaway is and how that differs from a jump cut. Knowing what these terms mean is essential in video production.

Knowing when to use J and L cuts to tie your scenes together instead of using a jump cut is a big deal. Knowing when the best time for a training or travel montage can elevate your video to the next level. If you want to make your video more humorous, then a well-timed smash cut may work for you!

Taking the time to learn what these terms mean should be your first step in learning video editing. Once you do, you’ll be on your way to developing your editing style. If it’s interesting enough, your editing style will get you noticed!

3. Use Keyboard Shortcuts

Every piece of video editing software has keyboard shortcuts. The easiest way to learn them is to grab a cheat sheet and practice. Most video editing software includes a printable sheet for their shortcuts.

Not only will the shortcuts save you a lot of time, but you can customize them. If you change software down the line, it’s simple to change the new software to match the shortcuts that you know.

You can sometimes buy special keyboard covers that have shortcuts printed on them. If you ever end up changing video editing software, you change the cover and still have all the shortcuts at hand. Keyboard shortcuts are the key to speeding up your process.

Learn How to Edit Videos

If you’re a new video editor looking to learn the tricks of the trade, these three video editing tips are your starting point for how to edit videos. This is the start of your journey, and there are many things to learn! Montage your way into learning how to be the best!

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