Preparation to Apply for a Tennessee Real Estate License

If you are in Tennessee and planning to become a real estate salesperson, agent, or broker, then you should apply for a Tennessee real estate license. The state is clear on what is required to successfully apply for the license. A 90-hour course covering various real estate topics tops the list of Tennessee real estate license requirements. Others include taking a state real estate exam, finding a sponsoring broker, and doing a background check.

If you are up for the task, then you should read this article to the end to know how to get your real estate license in TN. 

Check the Pre-Licensing Requirements

Before you start, conduct an assessment to know if you really qualify to apply for the Tennessee real estate license. First, you should be an adult who is legally in Tennessee. The minimum age to apply is 18 years old. Also, you should have a high school diploma or an equivalent. 

Take a Tennessee Real Estate License Course

As mentioned, the most tasking requirement is taking the 90-hour course. The best way to take it is through an online school certified by the Tennessee Real Estate Commission (TREC). If you want to easily access such a school, look for it no further than Real

EstateU, which is the most affordable in the area. 

For those who want to know how to get a real estate license in TN, taking the course is the best starting point. Ensure that you select a course package that also covers the exam preparation guide to save time. 

Take the State Real Estate Exam

Another one of the top Tennessee real estate license requirements is the state exam. It is offered by PSI through their online portal. Therefore, you should log in to the portal and book the exam when you are ready. Before taking the Tennessee real estate exam, prepare thoroughly because you should pass to apply for the license. Remember there is an examination fee payable each time you sit for the exam. 

Get a Background Check

Before applying for a real estate license in TN, you will need to complete a background check. However, TREC will guide you on how to do it because some fingerprinting vendors are authorized to help applicants with the process. It is important to pass this check because a real estate license is not issued to those with certain past legal offenses. 

Apply for the Tennessee Real Estate License

The last important step is to apply for the Tennessee real estate license. Use the TREC portal to submit your application by filling out the necessary forms and attaching the required documents. From here, wait for the state to issue you a license, which you will need to validate through a licensed broker. This broker will be your mentor and guide until you can practice on your own. 


It might seem like a lengthy process at first, but you can plan well and fulfill all the requirements easily. The most important steps are to take the Tennessee real estate license course on time and pass the state exam. The rest of them are simple to accomplish. All the best.