What to Do If You Run Into Issues When Streaming Videos Online

Streaming Videos Online

There’s nothing quite as disappointing and frustrating as sitting down to watch a movie together as a family or on a cozy home date night or getting comfortable to binge-watch the latest season of your favorite TV show, only to find that the screen is buffering and the picture and sound keeps freezing. In some cases, it might be a simple fix, like switching your router off and on again to reset it. However, there might be bigger issues, especially if you’re always having these problems if you are trying to stream while somebody else in the house is on a Zoom call or trying to play an online game. 

Upgrade Your Internet Speed

The most obvious reason for why you might be having issues when trying to stream movies and TV shows is that your internet simply isn’t fast enough for it. This is especially an issue if there are multiple users in your household and you are finding that if somebody else is doing something that uses a lot of bandwidth, then streaming is out of the question. You may want to consider switching to the super-fast Wyyerd fiber internet service with faster download speeds to ensure that everybody can use the internet how they like in your home without issues. 

Upgrade Your Wi-Fi Router

If you got a Wi-Fi router for free from your internet provider, then it’s likely to be quite basic. Many providers will only send out basic routers with their packages and some of them will even charge you for them. If your provider allows you to provide your own router, you might want to consider buying a better one outright yourself, which could even help you save money on your internet bill each month if the cost of the router is included. 

Use a Wired Connection

If you generally don’t have issues when streaming video but are running into problems when somebody else on the Wi-Fi is doing something that has quite a lot of bandwidth use, then you might want to use a wired connection instead. Although there is no doubt that it is convenient, Wi-Fi can be quite slow on some networks especially if there are multiple devices connected at the same time. Wired internet via an Ethernet cable is much faster and will not run into the same issues with obstacles, distance or interference as you might get with a wireless connection. 

Move the Router

If you know that your internet speeds should be fast enough to allow you to stream video while other people in your household are also connected, then it might be a simple fix. Consider where your router is placed in your home; it might not be positioned optimally to get the best connection to your streaming device. Try changing the location of the router to be closer to you, and consider if there are any obstacles that might be getting in the way of the signal. 

If you’re often having issues when trying to stream movies and TV shows online, these solutions might be worth looking into.