Hello friends, WhatsApp has revealed a new feature for android users. Now a user can send a message to multiple contacts and groups at 1 time. If you need WhatsApp multiple sharing feature, you must have latest version of the app or Beta version of the app.

Whatsapp multiple sharing feature revealed
WhatsApp Multiple Sharing Feture

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How To Send Text & Files to Multiple Contacts & Groups
1. Open WhatsApp
2. Select any text message or file.
3. Tap on it and share.
4. You will get a list of recent chats & groups.
5. Select multiple groups & contacts and share with them.
That’s it.

Note – This feature may be available for BETA users only. So if you don’t have this feature, please update your WhatsApp app  to BETA version.

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How To Get BETA Version of WhatsApp

  1. Open play store.
  2. Search for WhatsApp and find it.
  3. Now, scroll down and find “Join Beta Tester”
  4. Please wait for few minutes.
  5. You will get your Beta version update soon.

Note – You can join this Beta Tester for some another apps also like Facebook, Google etc.

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