How To Set Video as Desktop Wallpaper – Best 3 Methods

Desktop backgrounds are nice, but they are a bit, well, static. It’s time to finish all of that and make your desktop background awesome with set a  video. So, today, we are going to share the best 3 methods to set video as desktop wallpaper and you can set any video from your computer as your wallpaper background.

Set Video as Desktop Wallpaper

How To Set Video as Desktop Wallpaper

There are so many ways that we know of to make this happen. The old and very common way is to use VLC, and another one is by using the software, which is known as Wallpaper Engine. Trust me, both will definitely work whichever you choose, and you don’t even require a high-end computer or laptop for this.

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Method 1: Set Video as Desktop Wallpaper using VLC Player

One of the best ways of creating a desktop background video is thanks to that most versatile desktop media players, VLC media player.  Available from, In all operating systems, the VLC media player is easily available, which means that in theory, this method will work on Windows, macOS, Linux, even ChromeOS, BSD variants, and Solaris.

In short, a VLC media player can play any media format. It can also be used to create a streaming video server, to cast videos from your Computer to your TV, stripping, or copying the audio from a YouTube video, and is packed with other hidden features. So, if you are not already using VLC for something (it even does video screen captures) you should be. And you’ll need it for setting a video as your desktop background.

Steps to Set up a Video as Desktop Wallpaper

In older versions of VLC media player, you have to make some changes.

Step 1; Only for Older VLC Versions:
  1. First, Open Tools go to Preferences, then Videos, and look for the Output setting.Set Video as Desktop Wallpaper using VLC Player
  2. In the drop-down menu, click the DirectX (DirectDraw) video output option, then Save. Exit VLC Set Video as Desktop Wallpaper using VLC Player
  3. After that, browse to the video clip you want to use as a background, and play it in VLC media player.
Step 2: For All Versions of VLC Media Player:

When it plays, then click right on the player window and select the Video > DirectX Wallpaper. (Alternatively, click Video > DirectX Wallpaper from the menu. (Windows may display a warning, just ignore this, and minimize your apps and settle back to enjoy the video!

When you are done with the video, maximize VLC media player, Now open Video and click on the Video > DirectX Wallpaper again to remove the check. Then exit the program.

Although, for more recent versions of VLC media player, all you need to do is click right on the video and select Set as wallpaper.

What you only need to find with this is that although the video goes into full-screen mode and you can continue accessing your Windows toolbar and Start button, desktop icons and shortcuts are missing. So, it is a more modified full-screen mode than a desktop background.

Method 2: Set a Desktop Background with Video using YouTube

If the results from VLC media player do not meet your requirements, there are a various option for varying complexity.

To set a YouTube video as a desktop wallpaper, play the clip (perhaps loop it first), then set it to full screen. Windows users should then be able to Alt-Tab through the open apps and set that on top of the video background. Note that again in this framework, it is not a true desktop background — there are no desktop icons and shortcuts. Click Esc to exit the full-screen view.

Take Your Desktop Theming to the Next Level

You perhaps know of various ways to customize your desktop, from simply changing the background picture to moving the taskbar, and even altering the fonts. But for customization adding a video as the desktop background is the final stage. If you haven’t tried it already, now is surely the time.

Method 3: Set Video as Desktop Wallpaper using Wallpaper Engine Software

Step 1: Firstly, download Wallpaper Engine software on your system and install on it.

Step 2: Now, launch the Wallpaper Engine and follow the on-screen instructions. Set Video as Desktop Wallpaper using WallPaper Engine Software

Step 3: You will get some videos there as sample videos and you can search and find the best video for you. You can set any video as your desktop wallpaper.

Step 4: You can also upload your own video by tapping on Open from File at the bottom left side. Select your file from my computer and upload here.Set Video as Desktop Wallpaper using WallPaper Engine Software

Step 5: Confirm you file submission and set is as wallpaper by tapping on OK.

Done! now, your video is your current wallpaper. You can choose any video and set as your desktop wallpaper.

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Last Words on How to Set Video as Desktop Wallpaper

So, guys, these are unique and new methods to Set Video as Desktop Wallpaper. You can set any video from your computer as your desktop background wallpaper. We are using youtube and wallpaper engine methods. So, if you get any difficulty in the above methods, feel free to drop a comment below. We will solve out your query as soon as possible.


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