Easy Set up for Windows 10/8/7 Computer to Send Fax

Do you want to send and receive a fax with Windows 10/8/7? It is easy to set up your computer to send and receive fax with different services and applications. Some apps to scan and fax can turn your PC into an efficient fax machine. In this way, you can save time and money. See these apps and services to receive and send fax from Windows computer and turn it into a fax machine. Below in this article, we will cover the Easy Set up for Windows 10/8/7 Computer to Send Fax.


CocoFax app is loaded with unusual features to save your time and money. It allows you to send and receive fax without a fax machine or other fax services. Feel free to download CocoFax for windows 8 fax or other operating systems of Windows. Remember, you can get many special offers, including:

CocoFax for windows 8 fax
CocoFax for windows 8 fax
  •   Email to fax solutions
  •   A free fax number
  •   Permanent storage
  •   Encrypted and safe faxing services
  •   Special delivery reports for all faxes
  •   Smartphone faxing
  •   Free trial for 30 days

Complete details about their exclusive offers and fax solutions are available at CocoFax’s website. With their unique security protocols, you can avoid cyberattacks and get peace of mind. It allows you to receive and send faxes similar to emails.


 CocoFax guarantees adaptable fax solution for every company. It is suitable for everyone from a freelancer to a company with numerous employees. Feel free to choose an appropriate plan as per your convenience. You can use it from your email application or web browser of your smartphone. Feel free to download a fax app for your Android and Mac devices.

Easy Set up for Windows 10/8/7 Computer to Send Fax
Easy Set up for Windows 10/8/7 Computer to Send Fax

CocoFax get recognition from Life Hacker, TechRadar, PCMag, Forbes, CNET, Android Authority, Toms Guide, Life Wire, and numerous other platforms. Millions of satisfied users trust CocoFax to send and receive their faxes without any trouble.

It is a reliable, fast and safe brand to protect your confidential information from hackers. If you want to avoid cybersecurity threats, you can trust on this reputed brand of online fax market. You can combine this online fax service with other devices.

Feel free to send and receive faxes from a tablet, a smartphone or a computer. This online service is compatible for Windows 7, 8 and 10. Keep it in mind that you will need an active landline phone line to send and receive faxes. 

Hardware Requirements to Receive and Send Fax from Windows

To send and receive fax from windows, you have to outfit a fax modem in your computer. Remember, it is a cheap piece of hardware for your PC. This add-on hardware allows a computer to communicate with a fax machine on a phone line. You can buy these devices from a computer store.

Feel free to choose between external and internal fax modems. You have to plug an internal modem directly into the motherboard of your computer, just like a sound or video card. If you want an easy option, choose an external fax modem. You can connect these small devices to the USB ports.

Fax Server

If you can use a fax server, you can easily send and receive a fax without adding hardware to your computer. Make sure to set up a secure connection with a fax server, and you are ready to go.

Fax Server Setup for Home

After picking up a fax server or fax modem, you have to do some settings. Properly install your fax modem and plug it into an analog (standard) phone line. See these instructions:

  •   Tap on “Start button – All Programs – Windows Fax & Scan”.
  •   In the base of the left pane, tap “Fax – New Fax” on a toolbar to access a Fax Setup wizard.
  •   Tap connect to “fax modem” and follow on-screen instructions.

Fax Server Setup for Office

Connect your computer to the network. You must have a network address of fax server, such as myofficefaxserver.

  •   Tap on the “Start button – All Programs – Windows Fax & Scan”.
  •   Feel free to use “Fax View” by clicking “Fax” at the base of the pane in left.
  •   Tap on the “Tools” menu and hit “Fax Accounts”.
  •   Tap on “Add” and in the “Setup Wizard for Fax”. Now hit “Connect” to your fax server on the network and follow the on-screen instructions.

Remember, you have to take permission from a system administrator before connecting to a reliable fax server.