How to Upgrade Microsoft Dynamics C5 – Version 2012 expiring in Jan 2019

Microsoft Dynamics C5 2012

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Microsoft Dynamics C5 2012 is a business software from Microsoft. Microsoft Dynamics is part of the Microsoft Dynamics family and planned to work with finance, supply chain, and analytics for small and medium-sized organizations. More than 90,000 licenses have been sold through a partner since 1990. Support for Microsoft Dynamics C5 2012 is going to end on January 8, 2019, and you need to know how to Upgrade Microsoft Dynamics C5 2012.

How to Upgrade Microsoft Dynamics C5?


The Upgrade path for a Microsoft Dynamics setup depends on the version of the Dynamics C5 you are using. As you may be aware, basically, Dynamics C5 is an ERP product.

Upgrade Microsoft Dynamic C5 2014 or Newer

If you are are looking to upgrade Microsoft Dynamic Version C5 2014 or Newer, you are lucky and you can upgrade your Dynamics. Dynamics 2014 and higher are nothing but Dynamics NAV. Following is the actual NAV Versions related to C5 Versions.

  1. C5 2014=NAV 2013 R2
  2. and C5 2015 = NAV 2015
  3. Whereas C5 2016 = NAV 2016

Out of these, C5 2016 is the last C5 version and scheduled to be replaced by Dynamics 365. So for any of the C5 Versions from 2014, you can complete a regular NAV upgrade process.

Upgrade Microsoft Dynamics C5 2012 or earlier

In case you are looking to Upgrade Microsoft Dynamics C5 2012 or earlier, you are out of luck. Those are a completely different platform, unlike NAV.  These earlier C5 versions are based on the discontinued Damgaard XAL / Microsoft XAL platform and have end-of-life around January 2019.

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Also, you need to be aware that the data structures and logic in Dynamics C5 2012 and earlier are completely different from Dynamics NAV. So you can not transfer all transaction data and expect it to work in NAV easily. The systems are too different hence you need to proper migration in case you are migrating to any NAV Versions.

For these Dynamics C5 2012 or earlier versions, you have two options:
1. Migrate master data without transactions from C5 Version to your new NAV  Version. You can use Rapid Start in NAV – C5 can export all data to CSV-files.  Then do a manual setup of posting into NAV. You will lose history, but you can keep the history in your old C5 Version.

2. Get in touch with one of the Microsoft partners who can do a partial data migration with more or fewer transaction data to NAV and help you understand C5 customizations etc.

Complete List of Microsoft Dynamics C5 Releases

VersionDynamics C5 2012
Lifecycle Start Date10 January 2012
Mainstream Support End DateNot Applicable
Extended Support End DateNot Applicable
Service Pack Support End Date14 January 2010
VersionDynamics C5 2012 Service Pack 2
Lifecycle Start Date22 July 2014
Mainstream Support End Date08 January 2019
Extended Support End DateNot Applicable
Service Pack Support End DateNot Applicable
VersionMicrosoft Dynamics C5 2015
Lifecycle Start Date17 December 2014
Mainstream Support End Date14 January 2020
Extended Support End Date14 January 2025
Service Pack Support End DateNot Applicable
VersionMicrosoft Dynamics C5 2016
Lifecycle Start Date03 January 2016
Mainstream Support End Date13 April 2021
Extended Support End Date14 April 2026
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