We know you searches a lot of queries on google or yahoo. But did you think that you can earn revenue by searching on Google, Yahoo, Bing etc?? But we will share a trick today that will make you able to earn revenue by searching on google or other search engines. Search Trade is one of the best option for generating revenue by using google search engines.

Note – SearchTrade.com website is marked as SCAM on web. Please don’t waste your time with this article. Sorry for this 🙁

Search Trade - Search on Google, Yahoo and Earn More Revenue with Every Search
SearchTrade Review

What is SearchTrade

At SearchTrade users earn bitcoins for every single search they make through the website, once they have log into their accounts. Users can earn bitcoins by choosing a variety of search applications listed on SearchTrade App Market<source>.

How works SearchTrade 

  1. Create an account – Official Website (Earn 7.5% with reference code – “SHAND)
  2. Enter all details.
  3. Make a search on its home page.
  4. You will start earning.
  5. Track earnings in the ST wallet.

SearchTrade Mining Features

  1. Get paid for upto 40 searches a day
  2. Limited upto 10 Searches per hour
  3. Manage and track your earnings
  4. Payout based on income system generates per search
  5. Refer and earn when your friends search

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