Hello friends, WhatsApp introduced a feature again recently that is mention feature. It means you can mention a friend’s name or a contact number in WhatsApp. It is a new and latest feature that WhatsApp Introduced recently. This WhatsApp mention feature works like Facebook and twitter. It is the best way to indicate a friend or mobile number user.

WhatsApp Introduces Mention Feature or How To Use Mention Feature in WhatsApp
WhatsApp Mention Feature

Note – This WhatsApp mention feature works only in WhatsApp groups.

How To Use WhatsApp Mention Feature

  1. Download latest version of WhatsApp from below links –
  2. Install or update WhatsApp in your android mobile.
  3. Open WhatsApp and open a group chat.
  4. Now type, hello @ or @friend’sName and you will get a list of group members.
  5. Select any member and write your complete message.
  6. Send your message to group.
  7. Your mentioned friend or contact number will get notified with your message.

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Last words-

You can get more benefit with this mention feature in WhatsApp to mention a friend or any contact number. You friends will get a notification even they have muted the group or not.


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