How Do Cordless Phones Work?

Cordless Phones

Communication is one of the things that contribute to the growth of the world. Through proper communication, people can do business together, solve problems, and pass important information. Telephones were introduced to make work easy when someone needed to pass information to another person. This way, people didn’t have to travel miles away just to tell someone what they wanted to say. Below in this article, we will cover the How Do Cordless Phones Work.

Technology has been changing since it was introduced to the world, and this extended to the telephones too. Cordless phones were launched to allow people to communicate freely with the device without having to stay in one place. They can walk around the building or the room while still taking to the phone. No cord restricts them from moving around. And while these phones are cordless, they are not 100% mobile. In other words, there is a difference between cordless phones and mobile phones.

But we are not here to look at how cordless phones differ from mobile phones. Rather, we will be discussing how cordless phones work. Do they work like landline phones or like mobile phones? We shall be discussing that in this article. So, let’s get on with it.

How They Work

A cordless phone is made up of two units; the base and the handset. 

The base unit is linked to the phone jack via a regular phone wire connection. Typically, it looks just like a normal standard phone. The base unit will receive incoming calls as electrical signals through the phone line. It then converts these signals to FM radio signals and broadcasts them to the handset unit. 

The base unit will act as the charger of the battery in the cordless phone. When the phone is not in use, it will be charging and ready to be used when a call comes in. In some cases, the base unit can record/answer phone messages when you are not around or when nobody receives the incoming call.

Conversely, a handset unit will receive the radio signal from the base, convert the signal to an electrical signal and send it to the speaker. This is where it will be converted into an audible message. And when you answer (talk) the phone, the handset unit will broadcast the voice via a second FM radio signal back to the base. Here, the base will receive your voice signal, then convert it to an electrical signal, and finally send it via the phone line to the person that is making a call to you.

The major benefit of a cordless phone is that it lets you make and receive calls from anywhere within the building. You can move from one room to another without any problem. The only thing that you must keep in mind is that the handset unit must remain within the suggested range with the base unit. As long as the signal between the base unit and the handset unit is strong enough, you can move even outside the building as you talk to the phone.

What Is The Maximum Range of Cordless Phones?

So, these phones are cordless and you can move around with them, but what is the maximum reach/range? Most cordless phones offer a maximum of 50 meters coverage indoors and a maximum of 300 meters outdoors coverage. In this case, you can move around the house or compound freely, as long as you remain within the suggested range.

But in some cases, the phone might be used in a large house or a building with several floors. In this case, the fixed 50m and 300m ranges might be limited. So, what happens in this situation? Well, you will need to improvise, and the best approach is to use a repeater.

The repeater must be well-placed so that it can extend the range of the cordless phone. A wrongly placed repeater may not extend the signals accordingly.

Now, the repeater will pick up the signals from the handset or base unit and boost the signal back to virtually full power. It will then re-broadcast the signals to be picked up by both the base and handset units. Some cordless phones are sold in long-range bundles, which come with a repeater included. This way, you won’t have to buy a different repeater for the phone.

When repeaters are placed in different positions, you can quickly increase the range of the cordless phone and let you move further from the base unit when using the handset.

Are There Specific Cordless Phones For Seniors?

Yes, there are certain cordless phones out there, which work well for seniors. In this case, they will come with specific features that make them different from other cordless phones. If you need a cordless phone for seniors, here are some of the things you need to look out for:

  • Big buttons. The big buttons on a cordless phone for seniors give them an easy time to see the numbers when needed. Plus, it is the ideal choice for those with arthritis.
  • Good volume level. The cordless phone should also come with good volume so that the senior cannot strain when they are talking to someone on the phone. It should also be loud enough for them to hear it whenever there is an incoming call.
  • Caller ID integrated. It would also be great for the cordless phone for seniors to have a caller ID. This way, it gives the senior an easy time when answering the phone. They won’t have to strain to look who’s calling, especially if they don’t have their glasses on.

Plus, the phone for seniors should come at a friendly price, and it should allow them to record messages for auto-answering. When choosing the best cordless phones for seniors, always ensure that you choose one from a reputable brand. You should also go for cordless phones that have long-lasting batteries. Every cordless phone will come with different battery life, so you should choose wisely. 

Remember that the durability of the phone will also depend on how you take care of it. Be careful enough to ensure that the phone is properly handled and stored for it to serve you for a long time.