WhatsApp Old Status Feature is Back –Android users will get two awesome iPhone features on your android device. These both features are live in iPhone devices on WhatsApp. But, WhatsApp has decided to reveal these features also for Android users. At first, these both features will be added in WhatsApp Beta version and all Beta users can test and use these features on their android phones.


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Recently, WhatsApp has added status update feature for all android and iPhone users worldwide. This feature got negative response also from WhatsApp users but still it is live in WhatsApp. So, WhatsApp is going to add two more features in WhatsApp for android users like iPhone users.

WhatsApp has updated a Beta version recently and there are two pro features available for beta users. These both features are available for Beta testers and going to be live soon for all users.

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#Attachment Button

In the latest update, WhatsApp has redesigned Chat screen user interface and moved Attachment button to the bottom side along with camera button. Now, at the bottom, you will have Smiley, Typing box, attachment, camera and voice recorder. Please look at this below screenshot – whatsapp-new-features (2)

#2 Video and Audio Call Buttons

WhatsApp has added two buttons separately for audio calls and video calls. These buttons has added at top side for all chat members. Before this update, you had only 1 button for both calls. But now, two has been added there. Please look at this screenshot – whatsapp-new-features (2)

Last words for WhatsApp New Features – So guys, if you are a beta tester for WhatsApp, you can update your app now and get these both features in your WhatsApp android app. If you have any query or suggestion, please drop a comment below.


  1. The new status feature is not that good. Snapchat hike are already there for this kind of status update. WhatsApp dont need to copy those features and should be unique application. And these two features also are not that much great as their is no prob in UI of WhatsApp.