Online advertising has passed through extensive evolution over past years. Nowadays the possibilities of reaching the goal audience or monetizing almost any element of a website are provided to a greater extent by work of the most advanced online advertising platforms. Such platforms bring together advertisers and publishers, but surely for an efficient and profitable interaction of both sides, smart solutions are needed. So to stay afloat advertising networks should live up to the highest standards.


Today we are going to have a deep look at one of such innovative affiliate networks – Adsterra. This network succeeds in implementing latest technology solutions to run high-quality advertising campaigns and generate a greatnumber of leads for websites and brands of all sizes.

Adsterra is focused on performance-based marketing as the company claims to be leading digital advertising company.Since its establishment a few years ago, Adsterra has developed into the well-known network that covers over 190 countries and runs 20K successful advertising campaigns across all types of verticals, delivering 10BN impressions and 6000K leads monthly.

Along with those impressing figures,Adsterra offers an assistance of an expert personal manager as for advertisers as for publishers, real-time statisticperformance tracking of each campaign, various ad formats, high CPM rates, precise targeting and many other. Let’s investigate all the features step by step.

Personal manager.All clients joining Adsterra are assigned a dedicated manager, whose job is to provide them with any assistance starting with a mere consultation and ending with giving a hand with campaign optimization both for advertisers and publishers.

Real-time statistics.After sign up, both publishers and advertiser have an access to the dashboard where all relevant real-time indicators are displayed. No development comes without an update; statistics are clear and understandable thanks to the minimalistic design, that wouldn’t draw your attentions from what really matters.

Security.You can rely completely on Adsterra in-house and third party fraud detection system. It works among common malware and bad ads.

Ad formats

Adsterra offers a wide variety of ad formats that would, on one hand, help you advertise your brand in a nonintrusive way, andmonetize your website traffic in the most efficient way on the other hand.  The network suggests banners that can easily compete with standard Google Adsense formats of 320×50, 468×60, and 728×90 banner sizes. But moreover, Adsterra offers such as spacious options as 160×600 skyscraper or 880×400 rectangles banner ads.


Among Adsterra ad formats are display and video banners, direct links, popunders and interstitials –available both for desktop and mobile devices. For push up ads, popular due to being the least interrupting mobile ads, and eye-catching slider adds.

Self-service platform

For mature advertisers, who value their time and want to paddle their own canoe, Adsterra offers such a tempting option as a self-service platform (SSP). Using it advertisers can launch, manage and analyze their campaigns, and they hardly need an assistance of a personal manager.

Just note, that for the very moment, SSP is working only with Cost per Mile campaigns and only with popunders, but the company aims at its further development. An advertiser can tune the general settings like choosing the pricing type (only CPM as we mentioned before), locate the geo scope of where to run your ads, set up the traffic type, choose between mobile or desktop format, indicate bids and limit your budget. Actually, that is enough to start the campaign straight away. But for those who want to dive deeper, there are also targeting settings, capping and limits, and the blacklist –by adding on that list specific placements you want to avoid you might lower your expenses.

Referral program

Another little detail which appears to be a decent advantage is Adsterra referral program. The perks of it is that is simple and demand almost no efforts, but it may yield an additional profit. After sign up with Adsterra you get the unique referral link andshare it (through social networks, comments, and text links, by recommending Adsterra at blogposts or simply at face-to-face conversation with colleagues).


One more smart advertising solution from Adsterra is the retargeting option. It helps to reach for that part of your target audience who left your resource without making the purchase (or other necessary action) and convert them into customers. Retargeting would favor keeping your ROI high and your brand well-known. Simply as it depicted: you request a pixel, insert it on your website and the retargetingsystem is in motion!

Engagement into the industry development

In modern word at any industry’s development, it’s crucial to keep up the pace not to hang behind. Adsterra holds a hand on a pulse indeed.  Almost every month company’s representative can be found all over the world at leading conferences concerning online advertising, gaming, etc.

In the epoch of online business shaking hands with a partner and speak in person is essential.  Plus that level of involvement just highlights the dedication to maintain high-quality service and keep up with latest trends.  The same intent lays behind Adsterra blog, where you can find tutorials about company’s products, tips how to run a successful campaign and much more.

A bit more before getting started

Talking about the payout, it’s worth mentioning that Adsterra works on NET-15 basis. Minimum payout is 100 $. There are plenty of different options of withdrawal:

Adsterra holds a base of properly selected publishers, where 90% are direct publishers.  There’s scrutinousapproval process that allows the company to maintain the high-quality traffic for its Advertisers.  There is sheer variety of payment models: CPM, CPA, CPL, CPO, CPI (PPI). Sign up to start advertising your brand with Adsterra.

On the other hand, publishers can benefit from working with ad campaigns from top brands, which have been at advance checked for any malware, illegal content, viruses, etc. Adsterra offers one of the highest CPMs and 100% fill rate. Sign up to become Adsterra publisher and see for yourself.

International scope, dedicated approach, vast variety of ad formats, continuous development – Adsterra seems to be efficient and trust worthy platform to start making money with online advertising.