As we know google is continuosly growing up and providing more important tools for Technology, Now googe has added a ‘Featured post’ widget to blogger. It is introduced to add a latest featured post on your blog and it also can be added anywhere you want to appear it on your blog, it looks like below.

Featured post on blog

How To Add ‘Featured Post’ Widget To A Blogger:
1. Firstly go to blogger.
2. Go to ‘layout section’.
3. Click on ‘add widget’.
4. You will find a long list of available widget thats by Blogger and other third party.
5. Find’Featured Post’ (show image).

Featured post

6. Select ‘featured post’ and you will see some option. Fill that fields to show your featured post on your blog.
Note: You can choose from recent posts(see image)
Recommended fieds

7. Save your widget.

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