Here is a most searched term – “RedEye Technology” on google since 2-3 days. Everything wants to know about redeye tecchnology. Everyone wants to know what is redeye technology? who developed RedEye technology and What is new and unique in Redeye Technology. So Here is a full detailed article for you and you will get everything about redeye technology.

What is RedEye Technology? Everything is Here What You Need To Know
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Who Developed RedEye Technology?

A group of Researchers of Rice University (US based) developed “RedEye Technology”. Lin Zhong is leader of this group and co-founder of this technology.

What is Latest in Redye Technology?

RedEye technology allows multiple devices to moniter what their owners see/watch and also keeps track of what their owner need to remember. RedEye focuses on analyzing analog imagery to work smoothly. It take lower battery usage for its work. 

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The developers of RedEye developed this technology to create camera technology capable of providing computers with continuous vision, allowing them to see at same moment, just as what we do that moment. 

The researchers developed this technology as like as having a personal assistant with you everytime for your memory and working. This technology will help you to remember the people you met today and yesterday and so on. RedEye will trace your locations where you have been. It means RedEye technology will fully cover all your activities.

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