Is your windows 10 too slow? Want to speed up your windows 10? This article will help you to get rid of slowness of your windows 10. Please take a look at below some useful tips and steps to make your windows 10 faster. We recommend you to follow all tips given below to speed up your windows 10.

These BEst 10 Tricks Make Windows 10 Fast (Try Must)
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Reason Behind Windows 10 Slowness
Actually there is no big reason behind slowness of your windows 10.Your windows 10 is running slow because some system applications and some other applications is using its resources but you don’t know about this. Some system applications need to run at background for maintaining your windows performance but some extra applications also runs in background which are not necessary. These apps make your windows slow.

Top 10 Tips to Boost Windows 10 Speed

#1 Disable Apps on Startup
As we said above some apps runs in background and fetches all resources to it. These apps start at startup your windows and run continuously with you working and make your windows slow. Your should disable all extra apps that your don’t use.

Steps to disable apps at startup

  1. Press Ctrl-Shift-Esc, it will open task manager.
  2. If the Task Manager launches as a compact app with no tabs, click “More details”
  3. Now focus only on unnecessary programs that run at startup and you want not to run them.
  4. Select your app.
  5. Click on ‘disable’ at bottom of window.

#2 Kill Resource Hungry Programs
When we use our windows PC then there are too many programs in RAM. Some programs are running by us but there are too many programs that don’t need to run and still using more resources than others. You should to kill them and free your windows RAM.

Steps to kill Running programs

  1. Press Ctrl-Shift-Esc for task manager
  2. Now focus on processes.
  3. Select unwanted processes
  4. Click on ‘end task’ at bottom of window.

#3 Disable All animations and Visual Effects
As we know animations and visual effects need more resources than a simple image. So if you want to make your windows pc faster than you needs to disable all animations and visual effects on your PC. It will free CPU resources and will make your windows faster than before.

Steps to disable animations and visual effects

  1. Search for ‘system.cpl’ in windows 10 search box.
  2. Press enter.
  3. System properties tab will be open there.
  4. Turn off all animations and visual effect by unchecking them.

#4 Close System Tray Programs
As you know your windows has a system tray that holds running programs and these programs are using your RAM and more resources than others. If your want to make your windows PC more faster then you must need to close these programs to free RAM and resources for your needed programs.

Steps to close system program.

  1. Open system tray.
  2. Right click on program.
  3. Select ‘exit’
  4. Done!

#5 Launch Troubleshooter
Everyone knows windows 10 has a powerful and little known tool for windows problems. Windows troubleshooter finds files and shortcuts you don’t use and report them to you and then fix them.

Steps to open Troubleshooter

  1. Search for ‘troubleshooting in search box.
  2. Click on ‘as admin’
  3. Sit relax and done!

#6 Launch Performance Monitor
Performance tool is another windows and avgreat tool in Windows 10 called the Performance Monitor that creates a detailed performance report for your windows PC and suggest fixes. It take around 60 seconds to work smoothly to boost up windows speed so don’t worry.

Steps to launch Performance monitor

  1. Search for ‘perfmon /report’ in search box
  2. It will show you’re your report, just check them
  3. Select any report to get it to you.

#7 Kill Bloatware/Malware Programs
Bloatware is a  biggest factor for slowing down your windows PC.  Bloatware or adware takes up 90% of CPU and system resources.

Steps to kill Bloatware

  1. Search for ‘windows defender’ in search box.
  2. Now scan your PC for bloatware programs and wait
  3. Kill all bloatware programs.

#8 Free Your Disk Space
Everyone wants to load more data to its hard disk but it is not good for windows performance. Windows drive in which windows is installed must be free as much as you can. Disk space make your windows more faster by giving more space in disk for current tasks. Your Disk space need 40% free space for smoothly working.

#9 Uninstall unwanted program / software
Mostly windows user installed many programs and software for a little work and then he forget to uninstall them after that work and it will remain in windows memory. It may be a startup program for windows that will slow your windows PC.

Steps to remove/uninstall Programs.

  1. Go to control panel
  2. Select ‘uninstall a program’.
  3. Select a program.
  4. Click “uninstall”.

#10 Use Solid State Drive
Today 90% windows user are using hard disk for windows installation and data. But if your really want to boost up your windows 10 speed, we highly recommends you to buy a SSD (solid state drive) for your PC that is faster than a hard disk. It will give you a better performance.

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