WhatsApp Android and IOS Update Introduces Support to Format Text to Bold, Italic and StrikeThrough
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WhatsApp Text Format

WhatsApp android update will soon let users to format their text to bold, italic or strikethrough text. And now you can send  Bold, Italic and Strikethrough text to your family members and your friends on Whatsapp.

Formatted Text

  1. Text formation feature is enabled in the app, it does not need any click on any button.
  2. You must have latest version of WhatsApp Application to get this feature and your recipient must have the same otherwise text will be send in simple format.
  3. If you did not get your text formatted yet, please check your “Google Play Services” version. If older, we recommend you to download its latest version.

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How To Write Italic, Bold, StrikeThrough Text In WhatsApp:

Your text would be turned in bold, italic or strikethrough format by including certain characters with your words that are-

  • Bold Text: add an asterisk sign (*) before and after the specific words like:  *hello*
  • Italic Text: add an underscore sign (_) before and after the specific words like:   _hello_
  • Strikethrough Text: add a tilde sign (~) before and after the specifics words like:    ~hello~

      Last Words:

      Once you have fulfilled above conditions and having latest verison of whatsapp, you can send well formatted text in whatsapp which may be bold text or italic text or strikethrough text. you can send these text to anyone who have the latest version of the same app.

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