Today HowToCrazy (HTC) is here with a security article for every blogger that is HTTPS and it is free for users From Google. Every blogger wants to secure his blog from malware attack or harmful actions. So we are here with a article to secure your blog with HTTPS. HTTPS is a free service from google to its blogger’s users to secure blogs. This thing is quite simple and easy to setting up. Let’s Start…

HTTPS SSL Certificate

What Is SSL Certificate:
SSL stands for secure socket Layer which increases the security between a websiteor its server and a user. When a user fills online forms, shop products online, then he sends his information to the web servers. In order to protect that data, there is secure connection required.
SSL Certificate provides strong encryption techniques. HTTPS connection, establishes an encrypted connection between a user and a web server, so third party (hackers) can not access the information of a particulate user.

Remember: This security feature is free for every blogger user but if they are using third pary domain with blogger, then it is no available for them

How To Enable A Free SSL Certificate or HTTPS Connection:

1) Open
2) Click on setting and choose “Basic” (see image)

Basic Setting
3) Now, select “HTTPS Availablity” (see Image)

4) Click on towards “HTTPS Availablity” and select “Yes” (see image)

5) After Choosing “Yes”, your page will reload and you will find your https connection is enabled for your blog.

6) Open your blog in new tab and see your “URL” (see image)

You Are All Done!
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Last Words:
We hope above tutorial may help you to add a Free HTTPS SSL certificate in Google blogger. As we noticed above this feature is available for free for every user if thy are using free blogger domain, not custom domain (third party domain). We will let you know when this feature will come to all types of domains. Stay coming back…

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