Hello Android users, I hope you are happy with your Android mobile phone but I am sure that you want to disable popup ads, display ads in your android mobile. So today, I will tell you how to disable ads in your android mobile phone. This trick will help you to block all types of ads on Android mobile. I am writing top and best android ad blocker apps in this article. Here is complete list of best ad blocker app for android to block all types of ads.

Disable Ads on Android Mobile

What is Ads Blocking on Android Mobile phone

When you play online games, play online videos like MX-player, you watch too many ads on your android mobile. If you want to get rid of all types of ads like them, I am here to help you. You can block any types of ads on your android mobile with this list. You can hide or disable ads from YouTube, online games, MX player and browsers also.

Disclaimer – Attempt these method at your own risk. I am not responsible for any type of misleading or effects in your android mobile.

Best Ads Blocker Apps For Android Mobile

1. AdBlock PLUS [Free]
Firstly, I want to say that AdBlock Plus is not available on Android Google Play Store. You can download this android app from its official site. Just download and install its APK file in your android mobile. It is available for free for all android version. Download from below links –

AdBlock PLus
Top features of AdBlock plus
  • Block Ads
  • Allow Acceptable Ads
  • Disable tracking
  • Disable malware domains
  • Disable Social Media buttons
  • Typo protection

2. AdVanish Pro [Free]
This apps allows you to disable all types of ads for offline even your device is root on not, no matter for this adblocker android app. It is a highly recommended adblocker app for android users. It looks a lite version because it blocks ads in few apps but it has strict mode for disabling ads. If you want to hide apps in few apps, you must choose this lite android app. It is not available on Google Play Store, You can download from below links –

No Root Ad-Remover is a high version that works like AdVanish Pro. If you want to block ads at a high level, you can download ad-remover android app in your android mobile. It is clear with its name that you don’t need to root your device for this app. After installing this ad blocker app in android device, you will get rid of all types of ads in mobile. This app is no longer available on Google Play store. So you can download from below links –

4. AppBrain Ad Detector [Free]
This ad blocker app has unique feature and fetches all the apps that are sending you too much notifications and blocks them. It blocks all desktop spam ads, screen, display ads, warning ads in browsers. This app will warn you to access your accounts, locations etc with a third party apps. This app has 60+ activities for apps that will surely help you to find out best solution for your android mobile phone. You can download from google or below links –

Other Top Methods to Block Ads on Android Mobile

  1. TrustGo Ad Detector – It is also an ad blocker app for android users. Your can try this app from this link – click here
  2. Host File Method – This method is also good but it has a lengthy process for completion. So I didn’t share this method here. I will suggest you to use any above android ad blocker app for you. 

Last words – After installing any ad blocker from listed above, you will find all ads are hidden from your and you can access your android easily without irritation. If you have any query or found something wrong here, please make a comment below to get instant reply.

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