Jobs in Japan

Jobs in Japan

It is worth starting by saying that this is a very complex country. It thrives in almost every area of the economy, and is also a member of the G7, proving its financial strength indisputably. It is also well known for its culture and science. Everybody knows the popular Japanese movies and comics, and everybody’s seen Japanese-made cars, and Japanese robots are thriving. This clearly characterizes the local labor market.

But fortunately, jobs in Japan are vacant not only in science, high technology, robotics, but also for ordinary people with conventional skills, and even for those without. While the big and high-tech Japanese “silicon valleys” would love to hire a foreign specialist, there is also a need for employees to fill the usual vacancies, for which you do not need to be a doctor of science with any degree. 

Also, you should know that Japan is a country with a very individual culture, concepts, and views on life. And a person who wants to work in Japan will need to learn about local behavior and communication in order not to embarrass the local population. It’s also worth considering that Japan is in a place with a high enough seismic activity, and small earthquakes here are the norm, and you don’t have to be constantly terrified of them. 

In which areas of the Japanese economy located affordable work for foreigners? 

In all areas and in all kinds of jobs. Japan is a very densely populated country and it needs a large number of people to function properly. And even though Japan has a very large population, there are plenty of places for foreign workers. Most often it is work in the service or home staff. But also enough work for graduates. Here is a list of some currently available and free vacancies for foreigners in Japan:

  • Driver
  • Engineer
  • Factory worker
  • Handyman
  • Electrician
  • Assistant
  • Doctor
  • Physiotherapist
  • Architect
  • Restorer
  • Truck driver
  • Sales manager
  • Office boy
  • Designer
  • Security guard
  • Nurse
  • Chef

There are really a lot of jobs in Japan, and everyone can find something for themselves. Apart from all this, Japan is a popular tourist country, so you can find enough vacancies in the hotel and restaurant business. In order to fill such vacancies, it is not necessary to have a diploma, more experience is needed in this field. It is worth taking into account that local workers are highly skilled and industrious. Therefore, the search for a job will require strong competitive advantages and hard work. 

What are the salaries of foreigners who work in Japan?

In Japan, wages are high enough, and those going to work in Japan can expect a salary that will cover all the basic needs of the person who lives and works in Japan. The minimum wage varies from region to region from $7.5 to $9.5 per hour. In large cities like Tokyo, the rates are significantly higher. Working for a month with a minimum wage, you get a little more than $1,000, and if you have good qualifications and a lot of work experience, your salary will be much higher, from $2,000 to $3,000 a month. What do you have to do to get that kind of salary?

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What are the requirements for those who want a job in Japan?

The most important requirement is knowledge of English, as you need to work with people who only know Japanese and English. You need to know English at a high enough level so that until you learn the local language – Japanese, to the right level of conversation, you can have some kind of life.

You also need to know Japanese. It’s the official language of the country, and it’s the local language. At first, you have to have at least the knowledge and understanding of the most basic phrases, and a more or less normal conversation you can get after some time working in Japan.

Experience and skills are also important. Without it, getting a job is real, but it’s a little harder. 

It is necessary to work in Japan, as in any other country you need a special visa allowing you to work in that country. This is a requirement for legal employment.

And to top it all off, you have to be very hard-working, because you need to be like all local workers. They are known to the world for their hard work. This is what helps this country to be at the level of economic development like today, despite all the hardships.

How can I find a job in Japan?

Japan is a rather closed country, but even there you can find work there. You can use the services of special agencies that are engaged in finding vacancies for people in different countries. But you can also find work on your own using sites like the Layboard. They usually describe in detail all the details of each vacancy so that the person can contact the employer and also get acquainted with the work to be performed.