The Real Deal: What to Expect in a Personal Trainer’s Salary

Personal Trainer's Salary

As a personal trainer, you can be your own boss, set your own hours, and work from anywhere.

It sounds like a dream job, and it is! This is a career that will let you support yourself while helping others, being fit, and staying fit, which is an ideal combination.

But how much does a personal trainer make? Today, we’re going to answer that question as well as talk about the average personal trainer’s salary.

Let’s start by taking a look at what you can bring in when you open a personal training business.

Entry-Level Salary

An entry-level salary for a personal trainer can vary depending on the job, certifications, and experience. Personal trainers who are just starting in the industry may earn an entry-level salary ranging from $20,000 to $41,000 per year. This can vary depending on the location and demand for personal training services.

With increased experience, certifications, and clientele, a personal trainer’s salary can increase significantly. Personal trainers should keep in mind that salary is not based solely on a base wage.

They may be eligible to receive commission and bonuses based on their performance as well. With regular dedication and skill, personal trainers can expect to see their salaries rise over time.

Mid-Level Salary

As personal trainers gain more experience and build a client base, their earnings tend to increase. Mid-level personal trainers can earn anywhere from $35,000 to $60,000 per year.

This salary range can vary depending on experience, location, qualifications, certifications, and other factors. Many personal trainers may choose to complement their base salary with additional income derived from:

  • private clients
  • workshops
  • other self-promotional activities

Mid-level personal trainers should be prepared to spend time outside of the gym performing:

  • marketing
  • networking
  • continuing education
  • client consultation activities

These help to maximize their earning potential. Additionally, mid-level personal trainers may be expected to actively seek out self-improvement opportunities within the realm of health and fitness that extend beyond the gym and into a diverse set of related activities.

Experienced and Specialized Trainers

Personal trainers who have several years of experience and an advanced personal trainer certification specialize in areas such as:

  • sports performance
  • rehabilitation
  • working with high-profile clients

Because of these, they can earn higher salaries. Experienced and specialized trainers can make between $60,000 to $100,000 or more annually.

The roles of specialized trainers are essential in the field of fitness and physical training. They have a strong understanding of:

  • anatomy
  • physiology
  • biomechanics
  • exercise physiology

These of which are needed for a certified personal trainer to have a successful career.

Private and High-End Clients

Personal trainers who work with private clients or high-end fitness facilities can command higher rates. Their earnings can range from $100 to $300 or more per session, significantly boosting their annual income.

These trainers are responsible for knowing the ins and outs of personal training and understanding the number of hours needed to achieve fitness goals for clients. They may offer packages that bundle services like nutrition and lifestyle coaching to receive higher pay. 

So, How Much Does a Personal Trainer Make?

From the very start, we have been asking, how much does a personal trainer make? So we hope you got your answers.

A personal trainer’s salary can be excellent, but every trainer is different. Aspiring or current individuals in this field can expect to make a comfortable wage with the right mix of skills, experience, and hustle.

If you are interested in becoming a personal trainer, start researching now to make sure you get the real deal.

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