Best Tools for Freelancers Everyone Should Use

Best Tools for Freelancers

Freelancing is growing with time. People love to have the liberty to work on their terms and be financially stable. Regardless of the time, they spent on a single project, the perks are high as compared to what they get paid in a 9 to 5 job. 

When you say goodbye to your boss, you might feel on top of the moon. But things are going to be a little bumpy if you have no freelancing experience in the past. Whether you are starting for the first time, or have been in it for years, make sure to check your internet connection for seamless connectivity. Check out the availability of Spectrum Internet in your area and if available, go for it blindly. For any queries or assistance, dial número de teléfono de spectrum or contact through live chat and social media. 

Having a stable internet connection is not enough for a smooth freelancing journey as you need to have the right tools as well. Some of these tools will help you manage projects, while others will help you stay in touch with clients. Let’s have a look at some of the best tools for freelancers. 


Coconut is one of the fantastic tools for freelancers as it will take care of tax returns. Don’t get overwhelmed with filing tax returns and let Coconut take care of all your taxes. After connecting Coconut to your bank account, it will automatically track your income, expenses, and everything else to give you exactly what amount you need to pay. 

If you have never filed a tax return before, Coconut is one solution to help you stay away from complicated calculations and spreadsheets. It will also help you to analyze your finances i.e. inflow and outflow. The app also makes it easy to send invoices and be paid on the go. 


Organizing your life and setting a balance as a freelancer is quite challenging in the first few months. You might get distracted away from your important tasks and spend time on useless stuff. Things help you manage your projects, set a day plan, and track your progress. 

Stay clutter-free and get more organized by having Things installed on your smartphone. For instance, it can help you make a to-do list where you can add notes, schedule it, and tag it. Moreover, you can also create a project for small and big goals. The app is easy to manage and is quite user-friendly offering a seamless and clutter-free experience. 


The notion is another addition to our list of top tools for freelancers. The app is designed to help you coordinate and collaborate on projects all in one place. Four tools in one including knowledge database, notes, and docs, tasks and projects organize, are all integrated into this project management tool. 

If you are running multiple projects and handling different clients with varied needs, Notion is one tool that should be with you. You can build a workflow through drag and drop to customize your dashboard, website, or document. 


Social media is a powerful tool for freelancers who are working as social media managers. Organizing and managing different accounts seem to be challenging, but not anymore when you have Buffer. The tool is free to use, but paid version surely offers more features. Buffer is all about set and forgets, where you can schedule your posts on different social media accounts at a time you want others to see. Missing an important post or a new deal would be a thing of the past. Make sure to utilize this tool in your work and enjoy automating monotonous tasks. 


Freelancing is all about working with clients from around the world. That is why communication should be seamless and without friction. Install Zoom on your laptop or smartphone and hold conferences, meetings, and one-to-one video call with your clients. Zoom’s free version allows you to add up to 100 participants for 45 minutes. To get more out of Zoom, choose your plan wisely and hold video conferences without any hassle. 

Summing Up 

In this digital era, freelancing is the future. The aforementioned tools will help every freelancer regardless of what skills they have and what gigs they are selling.