How to Make Your Medical School Application Strong

How to Make Your Medical School Application Strong
How to Make Your Medical School Application Strong

Are you dreaming of wearing that white medical gown someday? Well, if you are aiming to be a medical specialist in the future and planning to try your luck to meet all the requirements needed, you might need to be more than prepared. Frankly, it wouldn’t be easy to pass in any medical school; it’s like applying for a managerial position without having an experience, so a long preparation is vital. Here, you can find the details about How to make your medical school application strong.

Take these essential tips to help you get that pass in a medical school, and be one step ahead in reaching your dreams.

 List, Review, and Sort your desired Medical Schools 

Make sure not to neglect this tip; you must review and compare all medical schools before applying. In this way, you would know-how you will prepare for your application. Each medical school has different requirements. Also, it would be an advantage to know each of the school’s acceptance rates from previous years; this would give you ideas about how strict they are.

After reviewing all the listed medical schools, sort it, and decide where you will be going to apply by checking where do you think you would most likely pass.

Make sure you have outstanding grades 

Just like applying for airline personnel, they require a specific height. For medical school, your grades need to be this high for you to pass. Make sure to take care of your grades, and you must be able to reach a specific GWP as one of the requirements of any medical school. If you are thinking about the extra-curricular activities you have achieved before, well, that won’t make-up for your sub-optimal school performance.

Long preparation for MCAT is a must 

Medicine is considered one of the toughest courses in the world, and you should expect that this profession is not for everyone. One should expect for its highly complicated and challenging entrance examination. Long preparation is required, and you must choose the right review textbooks if you want to study on your own. If you think that maybe Google would provide you with what you need to pass the MCAT, then your chance of passing the test would likely be 0.

 You must be able at least to spend 20-30 hours a week for eight weeks as it is the minimum time frame to finish reviewing all the review textbooks. You can seek advice from other people who already passed the MCAT about the best review textbooks you could use. It is advisable to start reviewing six months before the MCAT so you could still have time checking yourself if you are ready to take that examination.

 Make sure to be happy with your decision 

Of course, once you started, there’s no going back already. You have to make sure if this path would make you happy. Sad to say, many medical students suffer from depression and anxieties because of the pressure. You should have a group where you can gain moral and social support. Also, make sure to make your life happy as it can be, that would help you achieve any dreams you have no matter how complicated it is. Let’s face it, preparation for MCAT is a drag, and to be a Medicine student is far more miserable.

 There’s no such thing as a short-cut if you want to pass and meet all the requirements you have to exert extra effort. Spend time checking if your candidacy is matured, you have excellent writing materials, and lastly, your interview skills would show that you deserve to pass the application.