Five Practical Gifts for Practical Men

Five Practical Gifts for Practical Men
Five Practical Gifts for Practical Men

One of the challenges in choosing gifts would be finding the best and most practical gift for that boyfriend, father, brother, friend, or fiance. Always consider buying gifts for them that they will use in their everyday lives instead of something that you think they will like.

Five Practical Gifts for Practical Men

  Beard and Hair Trimmer

Most men would like to be clean looking and have their mustache or beard either trimmed or shaved. Giving them a trimmer would be one of the wisest choices, and it is one of the most appropriate gifts you could ever give someone.

  Having a trimmer they can bring anywhere is an excellent gift idea. They wouldn’t have to buy a disposable razor every time. If they don’t have time to go to the barbershop and feel a little bit adventurous and would like trimming their hair, a trimmer would be their best friend. 

 Game for his Gaming Console

Is your man addicted to console gaming and would spend many hours playing? Then choosing a game he would love would be the best gift choice then.

Gamers can spend days or weeks enjoying a game that they love. Try to find a way to get him to tell you what game he is trying to get his hands on. Maybe ask a couple of his gamer friends if he is looking out for a new game set to be released, and he might be waiting for it too. If you are planning to give him a game as a gift, just make sure that he has not yet owned that game. No gamer would want to have two same games sitting at his collection cabinet.

 Portable External Hard Drive

Help him free up his phone or laptop for more computer or file space. A portable external hard drive can offer your man more options for music, movies, pictures, and games to store. It would be a great gift idea for people who keep many pictures and for people who love saving videos of good vacation trips and memorable events.

Flower Bouquets

Flowers for guys make the best gift for any occasion. When looking for a unique floral arrangement for him, choose one that matches his personality. Is he an extreme extrovert that can light up any room? Surprise him with our Joyful Bouquet with colorful irises and lilies that will be a great talking point.  At The Manly Man Company®, we have plenty of flower bouquets for him that will bring a smile to his face.

 Ice Cream Maker

Everybody just loves Ice Cream, and if the person you would give this gift would not like it, then you would need to replace your friends. Kidding aside, an Ice Cream Maker lets him make his favorite flavored ice cream. If he is looking out for those extra calories and his sugar intake, he has control over what goes into the homemade ice cream he is making. He can make any ice cream flavor of his choice with fresh ingredients as well—no more diving into that overly sweet ice cream. Give him a gift that will help him choose healthy options.

Kindle Paperwhite

Bookworms can read a book in one sitting as they indulge themselves at endless scenes from their favorite book. Why not give them a Kindle paperwhite that lets them have the luxury of bringing hundreds of book titles without carrying the physical books. It has a built-in adjustable light and has no screen glare, and a full charge would let them read their favorite novels for weeks. The Kindle Paperwhite has been improved compared to its predecessor. Its fonts are sharper and also darker than ever.

Duffle Bag

If your man spends time at the gym, then help him look classy and sporty by giving him a duffle bag. Many names in the market offer performance-wise bags and stylish too. Some of the names well known for this are Nike, Puma, Adidas, and a lot more. Choose a color that represents him. Try also to consider the space and usefulness of the bag for the person you are giving this to. A gym rat would love you to receive this gift. 

 Many gift ideas are available out there. You can read online reviews and magazine suggestions too. More importantly, give your man a gift that he will enjoy using every day, not something that he would like for a second, and not use it at all.