Why IML Printing is Becoming The New Trend in 2020?

Why IML Printing is becoming the new trend in 2020
Why IML Printing is becoming the new trend in 2020

IML or In-mold labeling is the current ‘in’ in the market and sets a new trend in the packaging industry. It offers multiple benefits which we will discuss in this post. In-mold labeling provides an array of different ways to pack a product. And this uniqueness makes IML stand out against their competitors. Here, you can find the details about why IML printing is becoming the new trend in 2020.

 IML labels mainly use plastic or paper. There are several manufacturing processes for IML such as injection molding, thermoforming, etc. Using this method, you can properly decorate your product labels and attract your consumers.

 IML is one of the most complicated methods, yet it provides rich benefits to manufacturers and users. Let us have a look at the benefits of the reasons why IML printing is an industry preferred standard. 

 Benefits of IML Printing:

  •   Economical in nature: 

Incorporating IML labeling in your products, you can actually reduce your manufacturing cost for packaging. It also lessens social cost as it reduces wastage to a large extent. Same way, it reduces other indirect costs and enhances the profit margin for manufacturers. 

  • Reduction in the time: 

Comparing with traditional packaging methods, IML requires less time and manpower. The plastic in the mold is a complete finished product that enhances the processing steps and saves time in return. 

  • Making the product visually attractive: 

In the 21st century, visibility plays a major role in making consumers attracted to your products. It is important to make your product stand out amongst the crowd and IML labels facilitate this notion. IML labels make better resolution prints that enhance the quality of the image that are present on the containers. This makes sure that your product catches more eyeballs. 

  •  Integration of the visual effect: 

The IML printing enhances the quality of the print as it gets embedded into the container. Thus, it enhances the clarity of the image and makes the integrated visual effect perfect. It helps in creating an illusion that the product is present right on top of the box. 

  • Durability: 

No one can rub or scratch the product easily. You cannot manhandle the decoration. A plastic cover protects the whole decoration from outside. So, you can be sure that the durability of the container will exist longer than expected.

  • Resistance against environmental challenges: 

In-mold labels are highly safe when it comes to different changes in environmental factors. The containers are resistant to the changes in the heat, temperature, moisture, and cold. This enhances the quality of the container, thus ensuring that your product is not damaged.  


 There is a wide application of in-mold labeling. It is widely used in consumer electronics, plastic containers, cellphone manufacturing, and many more. Owing to their higher durability compared to spray painting, manufacturers prefer IML as their favorite mode of printing. Even the applications that involve micro-particles, also employ IML printing through lithography techniques. Thus, we can conclude that there is a very bright future for the IML labels since their applications across diverse fields are increasing with time.