English is a universal language and the literature written in the English language includes a vast number of countries and has developed over a course of time. The English language has become a part and parcel of everyone’s life. Students studying in any field require basic knowledge about English literature because that not only helps in studies but also improves one’s vocabulary which will be very helpful during job interviews.

The invention of the printing press in 1439 by Gutenberg helped to standardize the language and that played a very great role. Apart from that, William Shakespeare who is regarded as one of the greatest writers in the English language and also a very great dramatist, Slowly his work started gathering a larger audience and inspired a lot of youngsters in Europe to study more about English literature. 

During the British Empire in the 16th to the early 18th   century, the English language spread like wildfire in their colonies, and since 1907 USA started to produce their own works in literary tradition. It is said that the English language gained power in India only after getting full freedom from the British. Before the arrival of Britishers in India, there were many English businessmen who came to India as traders and gave the idea of the English language. During that time English was widely used among the government officials in India and that’s how the English language paved the way for the youngsters.

And Students can easily improve his/her English writing with those few tips:

READING: Just as listening is a fine art, in the same way reading is also a fine art. Students must make a habit of reading novels, blogs or academic books, because this will increase the students’ vocabulary and writing skills. Reading blogs can also help the students to get along with catchy words. One should keep on reading academic books no matter how many times they have completed it, but reading it again and again will help students in understanding the comprehension and passages in examination. Students must read different articles of different topics be it science or social science, so that they’ll have an idea how to answer smartly and faster if such a comprehensive topic comes in the exam.

DICTIONARY: While reading novels, newspaper and books, students may come across new words they must always look up for the words in dictionary rather than online it is because dictionary gives a very elaborate meaning of the particular word while on the other hand the explanation of words online are very vast and confusing, students won’t be able to understand or get a complete different meaning of the word.

TALK AND STUDY IN ENGLISH WITH YOUR STUDY PARTNER:  Students must make it a habit to practice speaking in English as much as possible in order to improve their English language. Partners not only help each other in speaking English as well as writing. Students may write articles of any topic and exchange each other’s articles and find out the mistakes.

SOLVE QUESTIONS OF DIFFERENT BOOKS:  This is the most important step and no student my ignore it, there are variety of topics attached after every chapter be it letter writing, story writing, reading and comprehension, one must attempt each and every question so that they’ll have a better understanding of the topic  and also improve their writing skills day by day.

GRAMMAR:  Grammar is the highlight of everything, no matter how one thinks he/she has written the article fluently  but if the grammar is wrong that article can’t be treated as fluent. One must brush up their grammar skills, and take notes when the teacher is teaching Grammar and Composition.

  • PROOFREADING: students must recheck everything they have written not because one cannot submit their papers full with mistake but also to improve their reading capabilities and keep a check of their spellings, many students who go along with the flow of reading but forget to pay attention at spellings and pronunciations which can lead to total chaos, so for that students must always proofread whatever they have written.
  • READ NCERT BOOKS :  Students must not only NCERT ENGLISH ALIEN HAND BOOK FOR CLASS 7 but also other subjects. Why?  The answer is quite simple: it will not only help the students with the English language but also study different subjects along with that. Answer making is the other way to improve one’s writing skills, but this particularly doesn’t mean only English answer writing but it applies to other subjects as well.
  • WRITE YOUR OWN ANSWERS: The most important strategy to improve English writing skills is making your own answers, students might think that they know the story or the poem so they can easily answer whatever the question be. Unfortunately this doesn’t work because most of the students get confused when they see their examination paper and e d up writing rubbish. Students are recommended to write their own answers in order to have a proper understanding about the story or the poem, also Students must compare their answers with the answers provided by the teacher. If still the student finds it difficult he/she may approach the teacher for better understanding.
  • WATCH HOLLYWOOD MOVIES: One might be thinking why movies? Hollywood movies use very high quality English language which will help the students to a great point, but by movies it doesn’t mean that one will watch movies everyday. The movies that one can watch are History of Britain and so on. It can include geography too. So the point is movies will not only help in improving vocabulary and writing but also improve their knowledge about other subjects.
  • WRITE A JOURNAL: After all that studying Students need some therapeutic time  which will also improve their writing and writing speed. One can pen down their thoughts everyday and practice a little more everyday.