How to improve your 10th standard board exam preparation?

10th standard board exam preparation

Passing one standard and getting into another has been an integral part of our schooling. School life is surrounded by examinations, assignments, projects, etc. As the students grow up there is a constant concern in the back of their heads about what the student would do to you in the future. Students are often asked the question: what do you want to become? In such a scenario starting the studies in class tenth marks a critical phase in students’ life. The marks scored in the board examination of class tenth decide which field a student is going to get for higher education and what career line is going to choose. It is a very serious phase in a student’s life and rightly preparing for the 10th standard board exam preparation is very important.

Here is a list of tips that a student should follow to improve their scores in the board examination.

Get to know the syllabus of the exam

Knowing the syllabus of class tenth is very important. Follow the NCERT books and make proper notes of every subject topic-wise. Get to know the curriculum and read in great detail about every chapter. 

Environment matter the most

It is psychologically proven that a place you choose to sit and study creates an aura for the mind to be functional at that place and this makes your work very productive. Create the study corner which is free from distraction and noises and prefers to study there daily for the study work. 

Note making should be done in the right way

You should always make two sets of notes, the first one should be happy having all the detailed notes and diagrams, the second one should have pointed notes so that looking at them would be enough to provide all the conceptual knowledge you learned about the particular topic. 

Avoid procrastination

Students should not procrastinate and leave work for tomorrow. It is not possible to sit for two months for exams starting and then beginning the preparation. Starting at the end moment would create a lot of panic and it will be a difficult task to complete the syllabus, have a revision, and prepare the papers effectively.

Revision technique

Students should not buy different books for the preparation and start studying from them before the examination begins in a few weeks. Students should follow one book religiously is NCERT and after that only one reference book should be referred to in detail. Short notes could be written on the NCERT so that doing revision will be very easy for the students.

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Know your strength and weakness

The students should be aware of their strengths and weaknesses. The subject and the particular topics with the students are weak, they should be created first and after that, the strong points should be practiced to make them perfect. Devoting time to the weak areas and practicing for the same will help in improving the areas.

Practice writing the solutions 

Having a practice about writing the solutions to the most asked questions for the different subjects and topics will provide the students with an idea about how to learn the topics from the book and form the answers. As the way of writing is also evaluated in the examinations, practicing writing the solutions will help the learners to score more in the examinations. 

Solve previous year papers

For a particular exam-like environment experience, the students should sit in a secluded place with their stationeries and write the previous years’ paper within the time limit in one go. This will help the students to overcome the exam fear and make them have experience in writing and giving the exam. It also provides them with the habit of completing the paper on time so that the paper is not left and marks are not lost because of the same. They will also get the idea as to how some questions are asked in the board examinations. For solving papers students may download CBSE Previous Year Question Papers Class 10 PDF.

Avoid excessive stress

The students should not get excessively stressed about writing exams and how the results would be. They should overcome the issue of overthinking and improve their mental health. They should keep putting in efforts and automatically the results would be good. Following a well-balanced diet and having proper sleep maintains good health and prevents diseases that hinder the preparation.

Balancing time for the subjects

The percentage for the board exam results is based on the aggregate of the scores from all the subjects. Scoring good marks in every subject becomes a necessity. So, Balancing the schedule for the subjects equally and devoting time for the subject in which one is scoring less would help in efficient preparations. 


Students should not worry about board examinations successively and maintain good mental health for better preparation. They should keep themselves away from distractions like social media platforms, mobile phones, and web series for a while after the exam schedule is released. Keeping a proper check upon the preparations and analyzing the mistakes from the question paper would help the students to improve their scores and have a good result. They should aim for scoring more because it will help in keeping the doors open for the streams so that they could choose the desired stream without any difficulties. Scoring more also helps in further studies when the scores are asked to form a merit basis.