5 Most Common Writing Mistakes to Avoid

Common Writing Mistakes

Being a writer is not as easy as everyone thinks. Being a writer means looking out for inspiration even when you can’t, trying to read the thoughts of people you meet, and correcting your grammar and spelling to avoid unnecessary criticism. These are the things every writer may feel. So to avoid some mistakes while writing something, we are here with some common mistakes that you can avoid while writing. Scroll down to know more:

1) Writing In Bulk:

Are you impressed by people who multitask? Well, multitasking is a really impressive quality to have, but sometimes it may lead to making mistakes that can’t be fixed. So, the same goes for writing. Whenever you are writing something, don’t let your mind wander in different areas of writing like writing a story, poem, articles, etc. at the same time because you have to submit your writings before deadlines. But every writing style is different in its way, so avoid writing different genres simultaneously. Try not to think about other tasks while writing. Focusing on one task is key to writing perfectly.

2) Writing Only When It’s Necessary:

There are days when you feel like your hands are shying away from pen and paper, just avoiding the words. Sometimes you might be holding a pen, and you can’t write anything; your mind goes blank at the time. These things can happen. Not everyone feels inspired every day. So, change your habit. Don’t write only when you feel inspired. Write now and then. No matter what you write, pen down anything you come across. It can be your memories, your schedules, people that you meet, etc. Every day write a few lines, don’t hesitate, pen down anything you like. This way, even when you don’t feel like writing anything, you’ll write something, and consequently, after a few moments, you’ll feel inspired to write.

3) Writing and Editing Together:

Sometimes when you don’t have enough time, you feel like writing and editing at the same time because as soon as you complete, you can submit it. But this can create chaos in your thoughts. Writing and editing are two different yet same things.

When you write something, you have to pour all of your thoughts into it, good or bad. While editing, you modify your thoughts and make them into a professional and engaging write-up. So both of these things are different.

It’s not good to write and edit at the same time because that way, you won’t be able to write even five lines in fifteen minutes, and your trash can will be full of papers with mistakes. So, avoid writing and editing at the same time. So, it would be better if you write the whole write-up first and then edit it. You can also take the help of some book-writing apps, to detect errors while editing.

4) Writing and Erasing:

Writing is like flowing water. Your thoughts turn into words, and it flows on paper and makes the whole write-up. It’s a natural process that you might experience when you write something. But some people tend to cage their thoughts and avoid writing them. So, they tend to avoid writing whatever it’s in their mind, and by this, they keep writing and erasing at the same time because they don’t feel satisfied. But try to avoid this mistake because writing is all about what you feel and experience; it’s not about suppressing your thoughts because if your thoughts are suppressed, your writing will be robotic. You write to follow the instructions; this isn’t the right method to follow. You must be yourself when you write something.

5) Taking Many Breaks:

When it’s a tiring day and sometimes when you feel bored to write anything, you might want to take a break now and then. But this process can break the link of your thoughts, and you might end up making mistakes. While you are writing something, try finishing it in one sitting.

Don’t take breaks unless necessary or you have something important to work on. If it’s necessary, close your eyes for five minutes and then go back to work. After that, your mind will feel energetic to write. So avoid taking short breaks after every line you write; this will only delay your writing process.

These are some mistakes that you should avoid while writing. Also, while writing, go with the flow and don’t pressurize your mind.