Writing a Killer Webinar Script That Drives Sales

Writing a Killer Webinar Script

Follow the money if you want to know what marketers think about webinars. After COVID-19, webinars were the one area where marketers (67% of respondents) vowed to increase their budget.

Of course, investing in webinars and getting results from webinars are two different things. But a lot of a webinar’s success comes down to having a fantastic, well-writing, and engaging script. 

So to help you turn your next webinar into a sales success story, we’ve put together this guide on writing a killer webinar script. 

Write an Attention-Grabbing Intro

The first thing your audience will be thinking when they join your webinar is this: is this webinar right for me?

A webinar sales funnel takes up your target customers’ valuable free time. Your audience will only sit for the entire length if you offer some reassurance that they will get plenty of value from your presentation.

Do your best in the introduction to grab their attention and offer teasers of what is to come. Offer promises and guarantees about what they will learn.

That will leave your audience curious to listen to the rest of the webinar and eager to have those promises from you fulfilled. 

Tell Your Audience What to Expect

After you’ve offered hints and promises, make this information more concrete.

List your entire agenda in your webinar sales script. Try to add approximate times to each topic to help your audience if there is one item of particular interest to them.

Tell them at this point how long the webinar will last. Explain that you’ll be offering a sales pitch towards the end of the presentation (and offer a compelling reason why they’ll be interested in listening to that pitch from you). 

Offer New and Surprising Content

You probably have plenty of valuable information on your website or social media profile.

But when people sign up for a webinar, they are looking for something unique. Keep this in mind, and make sure you craft webinar ideas that offer plenty of content they won’t have seen from you before.

The perfect webinar script should surprise and delight. Your audience should encounter at least one “lightbulb” moment during your webinar where they learn something important and valuable for the first time. 

Recap Often

If you are offering dense content, you’ll need to add plenty of summary recaps during your webinar to help your audience remain engaged.

Even the most enthusiastic viewer might become sidetracked, so recaps are a fantastic way to help them stay focused and get the information they need from the presentation. 

Don’t Be Afraid to Sell

New webinar hosts often feel nervous about pitching a product or service during a webinar.

However, sales pitches are standard practice on webinars, so this is something your audience will expect. Plus, if your offer is fantastic, people will want to know what’s in it.

So don’t be afraid to spend at least a quarter of your webinar time (ideally at the end) making your sales offer to your audience. 

Webinars, done correctly, can be profitable for your business. But make sure you run through the figures before you launch your webinar. This accounting book for entrepreneurs will help you calculate the costs. 

The Perfect Webinar Script 

Webinars are fantastic for your brand and a good marketing tool.

But ultimately, your number one focus with your webinar script has to be about sales. Prepare a valuable and informative presentation. Your audience will be eager to listen to a fantastic sales pitch from you. 

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