Do you want to hide your WhatsApp mobile number from someone else? Do you want an international number for your WhatsApp? Just relax, this article is for you and will tell you how to change WhatsApp mobile number to an International number. You can do these changes with a single trick that is mentioned below.

What is WhatsApp with International Number

By this trick, your current whatsapp mobile number will be changed to an international number. It means, if you have +9198######## then your number will be replaced with +63######## or +11######## or what you want. Then no one can find your mobile number on WhatsApp, only you can send a message to someone.

How To Change WhatsApp Mobile Number To International Number

1st Step

    • Download an application from below links –

  • Install this application in your android mobile.
  • Now sign up with current mobile number.
  • Complete all the steps that is required.
  • Now choose your desired mobile number from the list .
  • Copy this new mobile number and proceed.

2nd step-

    • Open your WhatsApp and backup your current chats and media.
    • Uninstall your WhatsApp or clear all data of WhatsApp.

  • Now, again register on WhatsApp with new number (paste your new mobile number).
  • Verify with OTP.
  • Enter rest of the details and restore your backed up chats and media.
  • Done!

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Download App


We are Thankful  to ‘Atul Tiwari‘ to suggest above applications.

Last words – This is a hidden trick for WhatsApp users who want to hide their mobile number. Any WhatsApp user can change his/her mobile number with any international number. This trick is helpful for girls for their privacy. For any query, just comment below.


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