Lock and Unlock WhatsApp using Fingerprint or Password on Android

WhatsApp has probably become the go-to messenger app for many users worldwide. Since most of the conversation on the platform involves the exchange of information or data, which is mostly considered as private or personal information. Whatsapp is rated as one of the most popular messenger apps. WhatsApp is the best compared to others due to the amazing features. Today we cover the Topic, How to Unlock WhatsApp using Fingerprint & Password on Android

Unlock WhatsApp using Fingerprint
Unlock WhatsApp using Fingerprint

It allows users to communicate via, simply typing text messages, sending audio and video clips to keep up an attractive and user-friendly environment for communication. So, when such a huge amount of private data is shared among users, then it should have some strong security protocols for better protection of data.

Unlock WhatsApp Using Fingerprint & Password

Well! Do not worry about the security related to the data. Whats encrypts data completely through various algorithms. But, if you are familiar with Whatsapp, then I’m sure that you know, WhatsApp does not restrict unauthorized users through a password, pattern-lock, or PIN. Others can use your mobile phone without your permission and they can use your private conversation or documents.

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Why WhatsApp has not introduced App Lock??

This could lead to a huge privacy threat. The reason Whatsapp has not introduced this app lock feature yet is that not every smartphone is having a built-in fingerprint sensor. And unlocking the app with a 4 digit PIN every time could irritate the user and it could also result in the worst experience about the app.

Then, How can one protect his Whatsapp data from others like – family members or maybe from your friends???

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So, Don’t worry friends, here I’m going to explain to you how to Lock and Unlock Whatsapp using fingerprint or password on Android. But the biggest question which comes to our mind is that  – there are lots of applications available in Play-Store for app lock, then how can one decide that which one is better to use ??

List of 5 best WhatsApp Lockers

Don’t worry I have an alternative solution for you. Here I’m providing you with the list of 5 best Whatsapp lockers which will help you to secure your private data from unauthorized users. Following is the list of some best Whatsapp lockers:

  1. AppLock
  2. Locker for Whats Chat App
  3. WhatsLock
  4. Lockdown Pro
  5. Lock for WhatsApp

NOTE: If you are an MI (XIAOMI) user, then this feature is already in-built in your mobile phone’s setting.

From the above Whatsapp lockers, I’ll recommend you to use the first app i.e. “AppLock”, as it is having a very much interactive user interface and one can easily lock Whatsapp by just simply following few steps. One of the most important features of this app, which makes it different from others is that it does not need any irrelevant permission. Now let us consider a few steps, on how to secure Whatsapp by using “AppLock” app:

How to use “AppLock”??

I hope you have installed AppLock on your android phone, so, it is going to lock your WhatsApp using App lock on your android. So, let’s begin:

    1. Open your app and create your pattern
    2. On the home screen of “AppLock”, you will find WhatsApp Option in General column.
    3. On the right side of WhatsApp, there exist an unlocked icon.
    4. Click on that icon, and make it locked.

Congrats! Your Whatsapp is locked and is now secured from unauthorized users.

How to Unlock WhatsApp using Fingerprint Lock??

  • You can also use your verified fingerprint, by simply clicking on the PROTECT tab or by swiping the AppLock home screen to left.
  • There you will get the “Fingerprint Lock” option.
  • Enable that option.

Great! You have registered with your fingerprint too. Now you can draw a pattern or can use your verified fingerprint to unlock the Whatsapp application.

NOTE: App Lock feature is inbuilt in most of the Smartphones. Go to your phone’s setting and enable that feature.

That’s all, about how to lock and unlock Whatsapp using fingerprint or Password. I hope you guys enjoyed reading this, and will not face any difficulty following these steps. Make use of WhatsApp without any security threats and now no-one would be able to make unauthorized access to private data over Whatsapp.