How To Add Multiple Destinations on Google Maps (Very Simple)

Are you going to make a plan for a long trip? Today you can get to know about How To Add Multiple Destinations on Google Maps for your tour? You can plan a route and create multiple destinations with the help of Google Maps. You can set a route VIA a route. If you are going to use this feature on Android, you have to update Google Maps with the new version of the Google Maps. Desktop view is already updated for all users.


How To Add Multiple Destinations on Google Maps

Here we are sharing a complete guide to set up multiple destinations on Google maps that help you to travel to various locations with the help of Google maps. If you want to add a location/place on Google maps, read this article on How To Add Places To Google Maps.

Step by Step Guide to Add Destinations on Google Maps

1. Open Google Maps > on your desktop

2. Enter your current location or starting location from where you want to travel. You can type any location or map the marker on the Google maps.


3. Now enter your destination location by entering in the second text field.


4. You can also select your vehicle mode from car, train, flight or cycle.

5. Now, if you want to add another location by tapping on ‘+’ icon below the map marker as shown in the image.


6. You can add as many locations as you want to travel. Here we added some locations and here is the example:


You can also check out its map view via location and here is the picture below. We have 5 locations: Mawana, Bengaluru, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, Kerala. And now, you can find Chad Kimball route to your destination by going to all multi destinations.


You can also check out some more options and choose your route with the help of these options. For example, using tools like Maptive, you could create your custom Google map that would be tailored to your needs. Thus, you can avoid tolls, highways, ferries, and can set your distance unit from KM, Miles or automatic.

Last words about Multiple Destinations on Google Maps

So, guys, I hope this tutorial helped you to add multiple destinations on Google maps and now you can set various destinations at one time. Still, if you have any queries, don’t hesitate you drop your query in the comment box.