NFT Games Where You Can Earn Money Just by Playing Them

NFT Games

NFTs are one of the most exciting technological developments in recent times, and many believe they will be the currency of future metaverses. But NFTs can do more than that: they are not just a currency; they are also a substitute for a digital certificate of ownership. These features enable them to be used in many industries, even on casino sites like But to spend them, you need to earn them first, and you can do this simply by playing games. That’s right: there are multiple NFT games that let you earn NFTs, and they are called “play-to-earn”. In this article, we list the most popular of them.

My Neighbour Alice

DeveloperAntler Interactive
PublisherAntler Interactive

This is a game that describes itself as a “multiplayer builder”. It is played from an isometric point of view and at first glance, reminds of the once very popular game “Farmville”. You can think of My Neighbour Alice as a huge world made up of virtual islands. Each player can buy a plot and customize it as they wish. You can build a house, a farm or raise animals on your plot. What’s more, you can add, for example, a lake or a mountain to your plot: the game lets you do all of that.

You can buy the assets you will use to customize your plot from the in-game marketplace. Everything here is sold for the game’s NFT token, “Alice”. (However, the game also supports other NFT tokens on the Ethereum blockchain.) You have two options to earn Alice: you can complete achievements and participate in in-game events (e.g., contests), or you can buy them from platforms like Binance. Alice token holders also have a say in the development process of the game. 

Mines of Dalarnia


Darkness, Ice, Lava and Terra: your task is to choose one of these worlds and start mining. You create an avatar and start digging using different equipment. As you continue to do this, you can find precious and rare metals, level up your avatar and give it new equipment. Although this is an action/adventure game, it also contains simple RPG elements. Also, be prepared to fight from time to time because sometimes monsters can come out of the places you dig!

The “trick” here is that every mine you dig belongs to a real person. The game divides the players into two categories, “diggers” and “landowners”. From time to time, diggers can find the NFT token called “DAR” while mining. Landowners can get a tax from each token found. Mines of Dalarnia is actually similar to the working principle of blockchains: you can find DAR by “mining” just like cryptocurrencies and not only you but also other people can benefit from it. You can buy a mine, become a landowner and wait for others to find the DAR token for you, or you can become a digger and try your luck: the decision is yours. 

MoBox – MoMoVerse

PlatformWindows, macOS, Linux, iOS, Android

MoBox describes itself as a “GameFi” game that uses “DEFi” principles, and if you’re not familiar with these terms, you might have a hard time understanding what they mean. DEFi, short for “decentralized finance”, simply means smart contracts on blockchains and a market that is not controlled by a central authority (for example, the Central Bank). GameFi is an abbreviation of the term “gamification finance”. It means games where virtual items are sold with NFTs. Imagine playing an MMORPG and looting a very rare sword: in a GameFi game,  you can sell that sword for NFT and freely set the price for that NFT.

This is exactly how MoBox works. It’s a browser game, so you can try it right now without a download. The main token of the game is called MBOX, and players can sell all the items in the game with it. There are also other tokens that can be converted to MBOX: they can all be earned through different activities (e.g., by playing simple match 3 games) and can be converted into MBOX once you have earned enough. If you want, gamefi development services you can also buy MBOX with real money from platforms like Binance. At the time of this article, the value of 1 MBOX was $2.66.

Axie Infinity

DeveloperSky Mavis
PublisherSky Mavis
PlatformWindows, macOS, iOS, Android

Axie Infinity is a game that was released before NFTs became popular, and it resembles “Pokémon” in a way. Players can collect and train creatures called “axie” and fight each other. Likewise, they can get new creatures by breeding different axies. Each axie has a different rarity level and how strong they are is determined accordingly.

Each axie in the game is represented by an NFT token called “AXS”. In other words, there is an NFT for each creature, and players can sell or trade these NFTs. The game has 2,800,000 daily players, and the most expensive AXL ever sold is worth $820,000. So far, 3.6 billion dollars have been traded in the game’s in-house market. Ubisoft, Samsung and Binance are among the official partners of the game.