On The Right Track: How to Measure the Success of an OOH Advertising Campaign

OOH Advertising Campaign

With online advertising becoming more difficult, companies are starting to invest in alternatives such as OOH (Out of Home) advertising. There are a number of advantages to OOH advertising but trying to measure how successful it is will help you and your business see where your marketing budget is most useful. Let us take a look at how to measure the success of an OOH advertising campaign. 

Using the Latest Technology

Billboards and advertising have developed a lot over the past few years. New displays have digital displays and other technology that can help not only show the right ad but also track interactions. 

Some advertising boards such as those by Clear Start, now include cameras that can track eye movement. This allows the display to see when someone is looking at an ad, what ad was displayed at that time, and how long they looked at the ad before turning away. 

This data can then be used to measure interaction with specific ads and if they are having the desired effect. 

Measuring Sales

If you are currently running an OOH ad campaign, then one of the best ways to see if it is working is to check for any increase in sales. 

If the campaign is targeting a particular product, then you should start to see an increase in sales after the ad starts running. 

This might not happen immediately, but there should be a rise if the ad is working as it should. 

Conducting Surveys

As part of your marketing strategy and ongoing research, you can run surveys either online or on the street and ask people if they have seen your OOH ads. 

Although this might give you a slightly delayed picture, it can still be useful to see not only which demographic noticed it, but also where they were when the ads were seen. 

Running Competitions

Another way that you can measure interactions is by running a competition that only shows on the OOH ads. This will let you see who is entering, and how many. You can also get valuable marketing data such as email addresses and demographic information. 

Displaying QR Codes

In a similar way to running a competition, you can add a QR code to the ad itself. You can then ask people to scan the code for a discount or for more information about the product. 

This will give you an insight into how many stopped and scanned the code, but not how many looked at it. However, it can be a useful indication and it will also be a good way to drive traffic to your website. 

Final thoughts 

When thinking about how to measure the success of an OOH advertising campaign, you need to find reliable ways to get the data. Any of these suggestions can be an effective way to do this. To be even more accurate, you could choose to employ more than one of these suggestions in conjunction with one another. This may capture people who otherwise might not have interacted with the ad, allowing you to gauge more thoroughly how successful your campaign has been.