How to Better Your Resume

Having a top-notch resume is one of the most effective ways to make sure you are noticed by employers. You want your resume to be as perfect as possible as it is the first impression of your abilities that employers see. However, if your resume is like most peoples, there is always room for improvement. Before you start with your resume, you must know how to write a resume.

How to Better Your Resume

You might have seen a lot of tips on how to write a resume, but just like everything else, this information changes from time to time. In the past, objective statements were stressed by employers and now they prefer to stick to the point.

If you find that your resume is not getting the attention you want from prospected employers, read a few of these helpful tips that you can use to better your resume and increase your chances of getting an interview or job.

1. You need to make sure that your resume is grammatically correct and error-free.

Regardless of the position, you are applying for, you want to give your best impression through your resume. If a lot of errors are seen in your resume, you will miss the chance to impress the employer. Always make sure to proofread your resume and crosscheck before you submit your resume.

2. If you have a LinkedIn account, provide the information for them to easily find your profile.

A lot of employers search social media sites when considering hiring a new employee. Having an active Linked-In profile can help with showing your professional contacts. This can be added in your header, along with your contact information.

3. Use a resume-building service to help iron out any major issues that you have missed in your resume.

No one is perfect, especially when writing your own resume. You need to know all the techniques as it might change depending on where you are applying. It is better to consult a Resume-writing service as they are up-to-date on what most employers are looking for. Therefore, getting one of these services can help to guarantee that your resume will come across as professional, as possible. Many suggest you use a resume-building service like LiveCareer.

4. You want to use the same keywords that are used in the job description to describe your experience.

When preparing your resume, you want to look at the company’s job description of the position you are applying for. Take some of the keywords that they use in that description and describe your experience using them. This will help to catch the employer’s attention as a lot of employers will be looking for these words before looking at the resume thoroughly.

5. You should always remember to adapt your resume for each job position and company.

It is fine to have the basic layout for your resume but make sure that your resume caters to the company that you are submitting it to. This indicated that you have put thought into your resume for them will make your resume unique as compare to others.

6. Do not use an objective statement on your resume.

Having objective statements might have helped you in the early ’90s, but it is no longer needed. Employers would like to know about you buy just a looking at the resume. To do that make sure that your skills and traits should be defined clearly. Make sure that you have added your genuine skills because you might be asked questions related to your skills.


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