How to add 10,000 LinkedIn Connections – It worked for me

Publish LinkedIn Articles on regular basis - The power of publishing on linked in
Publish LinkedIn Articles on regular basis – The power of publishing on linked in

What is the Benefit of Having many Linked Connections?

Read through this article to find how to make more than 10000 LinkedIn Connections in a year. Before that, here I mention the benefits of having many LinkedIn Connections

  • Establish as an Authority in your industry. You can become an influencer over time
  • If you are working professional, get more and better job opportunities
  • If you are a Recruiter, Particularly for mid to senior-level positions, Your head hunting becomes easier
  • Small Business or a Corporates serving in B2B Industry can keep building a pool of prospective clients with connections
  • If you are a Corporate in B2C Industry, More connections/followers mean a better Brand and better connectivity with your customers

Note: This article nowhere suggests to add Your LinkedIn Connections by any means and just for the sake of piling up showing it off.  When you go through this process, you will spend 10-15 minutes daily working in a planned and organized way. You are going to do some research, make decisions and write messages which appeal to people, improving your written communication. You will strengthen your profile which will benefit whether you are looking for a job, or starting a business, looking to hire or trying to promote your product or business. Read this guide: 8 Best LinkedIn Bots & Automation Tools (2020) – IncrediTools.

Benefits of getting many LinkedIn Connections
Benefits of getting many LinkedIn Connections

The benefit I got with 12,000+ LinkedIn connections

To set the context to the article, Here is a small story about how I got 12,000+ LinkedIn connections.  Click here if you want to have a look at my profile as a reference.

In August, I have left my job and I started my new company. I had multiple ideas in Digital Product Space that I wanted to pursue. So naturally, I updated my Headline on LinkedIn, and in two days, I got more than 500 Congratulation messages. That was awesome, it took many hours for me on those two days to respond to each one. I have also used the opportunity to share my plans with each one of them. From those responses. I got a couple of inquiries about investment in my company. It was too early, I had to ask for a re-connection after 6 months. By then, I will be in a better place to seek investments when I have some traction.

Why I am telling this story? And how is it going to help you?

The number of LinkedIn Connections I have is the main reason for me getting so many congratulation messages.  This gave me an opportunity to communicate my plans to relevant people. This is the purpose of a Professional Network like LinkedIn.

A year back, I had less than 2000 LinkedIn Connections and today I have 12,600+ LinkedIn connections. It took only 8 months to reach 12,000 LinkedIn Connections. You can also increase your LinkedIn Connections to more than 10,000 in a year’s time. We know most of the tricks and we are ready to share what we know.

Improve your LinkedIn Profile Strength

Make sure your profile is complete as much as possible. LinkedIn Profile Strength to know how to view your profile strength.

  • A strong profile will help you in multiple ways.
  • You will appear more often in search.
  • Stronger profiles get better acceptance of connection requests.
  • A strong profile receives more connection requests

Your profile is displayed in Linked In search results based on Completeness of your Profile, Common (Shared) Connections with the person searching, Number of Connections by 1st, 2nd, 3rd and Common Groups. You need to complete the following sections of your profile to make higher Profile Strength. In search results, LinkedIn displays only completed profiles.

    1. HeadLine
    2. Name
    3. Url
    4. Profile Photo
    5. Back Ground
    6. Summary
    7. Experience
    8. Projects
    9. Education
    10. Skills and Endorsements
    11. Connections
    12. Groups

Click here if you want to download your LinkedIn profile as a PDF

Identify the industries your target connections belong to

Building up connections without a plan is not going to much help. There are multiple benefits when you have more connections from limited industries.

  • LinkedIn Connection Suggestions for you: You get more suggestion requests from these industries
  • LinkedIn Connection Suggestions for others: In case you have most of your connections from a specific industry, you will be part of the suggested connections for people for those industries
  • Create an effective Customized Connection Request

For example, in my case, based on the type of people I wanted to connect with, I have created the following lists

  • Senior Digital Marketing Professionals in India, the USA, and the UK.
  • Founders of Startup Business in India and US
  • CEOs of SME Business in India by City
  • CMOS and CIOs of SME in India and the US
  • Lists for Employees of Google, Microsoft, Amazon, etc

Download Linked Mobile App

Use LinkedIn Mobile app to use the app while travelling and squeeze extra 15 minutes
Use LinkedIn Mobile app to use the app while traveling and squeeze extra 15 minutes

It is easy to do certain activities in the LinkedIn Mobile App with a simple touch. With the touch of a finger, you will be able to send or accept a connection request. Using LinkedIn Mobile App helps you to squeeze time while you are traveling.

You can download the LinkedIn Android Mobile app from here

Download LinkedIn iOS mobile App from there

Download LinkedIn Windows App from here

Send Daily Connection Requests to profiles

Regular activity has a state of momentum as LinkedIn suggests you to people based on your activity. You need to note though that linked in allows around 100-150 connection requests in a day. In case the conversion ratio (Accepted Requested / Number of Requests) is low LinkedIn may hold your ability to send connection requests for a short period. So it is very important to write a good message stating the purpose of your connection. You can create 4-5 templates, one each for every industry.

For example, you can have different types of connection request messages for Business Owners, Employers, Recruitment Consultants, and Prospect Employees because your purpose of connecting them is different.

Keep Sharing your LinkedIn Page Url

The more you share, the more visitors you get to your profile. Most of your profile visitors will send you a connection request. As mentioned earlier, your profile strength also plays a Role. You can view the visitor list and send a connection request. A recent visitor to your profile has more chances to accept your request.

You can share your linked profile at the following places

    • As part of your every Email Signature, personal and official
    • In your comments signature, when you comment on forums (Quora, etc)
    • As part of your Author Profile, if you are a blogger
    • As part of your Profile, on your company website’s team page
    • In your CV and in Profiles that you create on Job sites, this will help recruiters. You can get a huge amount of connection requests from Recruiters.
  • As part of all your Social Media Profiles
  • In Whatsapp, when you are joining and commenting in a Business/work-related Group.

Publish Articles on a Regular Basis

LinkedIn has better numbers in terms of the potential reach of your article or post compared to Facebook. When your posts are engaging, it attracts comments and shares from the viewers. It further helps get more viewers from the connections of the people who are sharing and commenting. Some of these viewers will send a connection request to you. More the viewers, the more connection requests you will receive.

  • You can share articles you have published on your blog
  • You can write short articles on LinkedIn and share them among the Groups.

This is a 2015 article about the power of publishing on LinkedIn

Publish LinkedIn Articles on regular basis - The power of publishing on linked in
Publish LinkedIn Articles on regular basis – The power of publishing on linked in

Comment on Articles published by Famous People

One time I have commented in an article published by Shradha, founder of your The article was about the lack or of returns in the Indian Startup Industry compared to the investment made. Typically an investor expects returns in 7-8 years that too in multiples. There was a point that Shradha was missing. I mentioned it in the comment after doing an hour of research. For more than two weeks, my inbound connection requests have doubled.

See the post details here, it is an interesting read

LinkedIn Comment on Posts by Popular People
LinkedIn Comment on Posts by Popular People

Keep Sharing Quality Articles by others in your domain

It is an easy and simple way to share very good articles. We can not write them now and then, so why not share others and write a paragraph including your analysis and seeking comments from people. This way, you can present yourself as an expert in your Industry.

Seek Advice from others for choosing Vendors, Purchase Options

Ask for Suggestions from people to attract more LinkedIn Connection Requests
Ask for Suggestions from people to attract more LinkedIn Connection Requests

Multiple times I have done posts seeking suggestions and recommendations for vendors my company was looking for in ERP, Marketing Automation, etc. I have a huge response to those posts with more than 30K to 40K views and many comments. These types of posts attract a lot of business development managers and salespeople to respond to your post, share your post with their sales teams. This will generate a lot of connection requests to you because they know they have a qualified lead and by you are an influence or decision-maker.

Optimize Career Interests and Job Preferences Settings

Setting the right Job Preferences will enable your profile to be displayed in search results for recruiters, founders and Department heads, and Business Owners. Most of these people will send a connection request so that they can contact you.

LinkedIn Job Preferences in Career Interests
LinkedIn Job Preferences in Career Interests
LinkedIn Profile Career Interests Job Preferences
LinkedIn Profile Career Interests Job Preferences

Join right LinkedIn Groups

Find the right group based on your interests, where you can contribute based on your knowledge and experience. If you chose your target industries properly, these groups here shall be of those target industries. If not you need to tweak either the target industries you have chosen for sending connections requests or the groups you chose to join.

You can do the following activities as part of this Opportunity to get more LinkedIn Connections

    • Join Right Group
    • Join Discussions
    • Contribute to a couple of Discussions by commenting
    • After you contribute to a couple of discussions, start your own discussion thread

Identify spam linked Connection Request and filter them out

It is a common practice that many accept all connection requests. Many do it to increase connection requests and some to save time to go through the purpose or the profile of the connection. But the spammers misuse this and once connected they can copy your personal data and use for wrong purposes. So it is very important to identify spam connection requests and not to accept them. To do that, you need to go through each connection request and profile summary before accepting the connection request. You can easily identify Spam profiles by a commonly used profile pic or very generic headline, etc.

Final Words about how to make 10,000 LinkedIn Connections in a year

Most of these Steps help you to increase your LinkedIn Connections, but there is no assurance or 100% possibility that you will be able to make 10,000 or even say 5,000 Connection requests.

We have a very certain method using which you can make 10,000 Linked Connections with 10-15 minutes of daily effort. You may even make 10,000+ connections in 6 months’ time. You can comment here and share your email id. We will send the details about how to make 10,000 LinkedIn connections in a year.

Please note that this is not going to be a spam or an affiliate program of any third-party service provider.