Headway: The Book Summary App


In this fast-paced modern life time is never on our side. People are so busy earning their bread that they even struggle to take out time for basic chores.

Long gone are the days when people used to spend weeks reading the latest novels and books by their favorite authors. Busy schedules have left people with no choice but to distance themselves from reading books the traditional way.

Understanding the need for the modern-day lifestyle headway an EdTech startup almost redefined the way we read books. Headway app enables you to get the most out of your favorite books in the most feasible and concise way.

Headway is basically a book summary app that presents you with the gist of books from makeheadway.com in all domains, may it be academic, literature, or any other genre. 

Headway app is for those who want to capitalize on their reading time in the best possible way. Reading summaries of books on headway will give you an instant connection with your favorite books.

Headway aims at filtering out all the noise and filler content and presents before you meaningful insight from popular novels.

What makes Headway App different?

It’s not that this app is one of a kind, other platforms are dishing out similar services.

Headway app

That said, the Headway app takes a leap over its competitors on the following fronts.

1. Book summaries:

Headway app’s USP is to provide 15-minute long summaries of almost every non-fiction book out there. The summaries are available both in audio and text format. The summaries are curated by professional writers and voice artists. The summaries available on the app are made to be crisp to the point and interactive at the same time.

2. Personalized reading recommendations:

Headway has innovative intelligence tools that understand the interests of the users and recommend them curated collections as per their preferences. To understand user’s preferences the app asks users to fill up a quiz about their goals and learning objectives. Some of the examples of the goals that you can select are, Earning more money, how to be productive, Leadership qualities, Time Management, Planning Communication skills, etc.

3. Category wise learning:

The category-wise grouping has been made based on niches for the ease of access of users. Some of the popular categories you can explore are personality skills, leadership qualities, business and tech, etc.

4. Innovative challenges:

Some people tend to perform better when challenged, headway banks on this and offer challenges such as 28- a day learning challenge or a 14-day learning challenge to manage self-growth. It’s a goal-based learning technique.

5. Spaced Repetition feature: 

This one’s my personal favorite, this feature helps you memorize concepts in a unique way. It stores flashcards that help you remember facts and key points. 

Here’s how you can use Spaced Repetition feature –

  • Go to the book summary you wish to memorize.
  • In the top right corner look for a hamburger menu and open it.
  • Open Insights section.
  • Now use the Remember beside the insight that you wish to memorize.
  • Now open the Repetition tab
  • To get going with the spaced repetition quiz click on the ‘ repeat cards’ button.

6. Daily insights: 

The app gives you daily insights on your progress and achievements as per your set preferences so that you are on top of your learning journey. These insights are nothing but small notifications. The insights are coupled with a related motivational quote to keep your spirits high.

Achievement under the belt:

Headway is a clear favorite when it comes to book summary apps. Don’t believe me? The following achievements of the headway app will make you believe:

  • It was featured as the app of the day by Apple and Google in the United States, Ireland, the United Kingdom, and Australia.
  • In April 2023 Apple presented Headway the Editor’s Choice badge for exceptional design innovation and overall quality delivered.
  • It’s the most downloaded book summary app and is featured in 140+ countries.

Headway pricing:

Headway is a paid app, however, it lets its users access some features for free as well. You can read one app summary per day for free. Daily insights and brief digests available on the app are also free.

As far as its pricing is concerned, you can get the Headway app subscription at $ 89.99 per year and it asks for payment details upfront as soon as the trial period ends. This could also be seen as a small downside.


Those who are keen to increase their knowledge base but are struggling to take out time for it should give it a try to headway. This app quickly filters the most relevant content as per your preference, you won’t have to wander around. Reading or listening to summaries on the Headway app gives a sense of accomplishment that no other source of knowledge can offer in 15 minutes.