Guide for Quality Guest Blogging to win Quality Links to your website

Quality Guest Blogging

In 2014, then Google head of Web Spam Mat Cutts had tweeted that guest blogging was no more a technique that SEO experts shall use for building back links. But what is the current scenario? Does guest blogging is still a prevalent SEO technique?

Okay, I’m calling it: if you’re using guest blogging as a way to gain links in 2014, you should probably stop.

Matt Cutts, Formerly Head of Web Spam, Google

Yes, it is very prevalent indeed, but the difference is how the guest blogging is done now. As a matter of fact, Quality Guest Blogging is more effective than earlier as Google has now punishing low quality quest blogging where you can post spinned articles as guest posts. 

Guide for Quality Guest blogging

  1. Finding the relevant quality Blogs for your Guest posts.
  2. Convincing the Blog Owner to publish your Blog with proper research and a right pitch
  3. Write a Quality Article that adds value to the audience of that Blog
  4. Smartly including backlinks in these articles to your website
  5. Monitoring the backlinks to keep existing links while winning new ones. 

 Out of these 5 guidelines for Quality Guest Blogging, in this article we will cover the points 1 and 3.

Finding the relevant quality Blogs for your Guest posts

There are multiple ways where Finding the relevant quality Blogs for your Guest posts. You can search on the Internet for quality Blogs, but it will be a time consuming activity. At the same time you can use third party services and Buy Guest Posts. These third party guest post services do this hard-work and provide you a ready-made list of  filtered quality Blogs as per your niche and price needs. 

Write a Quality Article that adds value to the audience of that Blog

You shall research the existing Content and the Audience of your target Blog. It will help you in understanding the gaps in the content and writing content that will add value to the audience of the Blog. This activity will also ensures that your article will fit naturally into the Blog. 

The article shall be minimum 700 words in length. Most of the low quality articles have 300 words are less. To differentiate many authors write articles of 500 words in length. But if you can spend some time more and make your article 700 words in length, it will be safer and differentiate yourself from the rest.  

With millions of blogs up and running, duplicate content is one of the biggest issues of the internet these days. You need to ensure that your article’s content is Unique. You can use plagiarism checking tools like CopyScape for the same. 

 The article shall contain proper External Links to Authority Site, so that google considers that the content is relevant. Also the article shall be linked to a few other articles in the Blog to establish the contextual adherence of the article to the Blog. 

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