Becoming A Graphic Designer in 5 Steps

Graphic Designer

Since art has grown not only physically, but on the internet as well, it developed a whole new profession, graphic designer. It has gained huge momentum in the last few years since it allows artists to express themselves in a different way, while also providing various types of content for companies. Growing online as a graphic designer is not always easy, especially if you aren’t already educated enough. Here are the 5 best ways to achieve all of that success online, while on your own.

Equip yourself with the software you need

In order to develop anything, from a skill to a business, you need to have the right equipment. Obviously, you need a device to work on, such as a laptop or a computer, with the proper software installed. To start designing, you should probably start with the most popular programs, like InDesign or Adobe Illustrator. They are very easy to download and use. Before installing them, make sure your device is protected from potential harm from viruses by using a VPN. You can see what a VPN looks like at You should always do your own research when looking for a VPN, to find the one that is right for you. 

There are also great sites like Canva or Piktochart, which are very helpful for learning content design, for example, Instagram posts and logos. Graphic designers have a lot of work in the area of social media, meaning that it is a very useful skill.

Learn the basics of graphic design

You can’t do anything in practice before properly educating yourself on at least the basics of the theory. It doesn’t have to be a huge amount of complex data, just make sure to know the elementary types and principles of art and digital design. That way, you will know what elements and forms your design has to contain under any circumstance, making it instantly of higher quality. Having a stable education in whatever you do ensures a good start, which allows you to grow much faster. You can find amazing courses online, even free ones that will help you grow in your career. They’re prepared in ways to make the knowledge easier to digest, which is only a relief.

Practice, practice, practice. 

After you have gotten all the necessary programs and knowledge, the only thing that’s left is to start practicing. Without practice, you can throw all the education away. Work is what gets you to the main part. If you have trouble expressing your creativity instantly, maybe try redesigning existing pieces on your own, with your personal touch. After that, move on to creating your own pieces. It will enhance your skills and develop your personal style with a mark that is just yours. You can always listen to tips from people in the same business and try them out. Just, don’t forget your personal taste.

Create a portfolio

Make sure to save all of your first projects and pieces. They represent what you have to offer. Choose the best out of them, and create a portfolio. A portfolio is a depiction of your knowledge and abilities, so do it thoroughly and carefully. With a portfolio, you can apply to jobs more easily and market yourself on the internet. If you are sending an application, it will require a portfolio, which will instantly bring you a lot more work.

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Showcase your availability

As you’ve acquired the knowledge and put it in a framed portfolio, it is time to let everyone know you want to work. Use sites such, as Upwork or Behance, to apply to anyone who is looking for what you have to offer. There are numerous freelancing sites that are great for this type of beginning. As a graphic designer, it can sometimes be hard to get your name out there, but there are ways to help. Put it on all of your social media accounts that you are a graphic designer, and enable everyone to see you. With that, opportunities are open and work will come on its own. Don’t forget to post continuously and use commonly researched hashtags, in order to create an audience through social media. Among your social media following and all the business owners that you apply to, work is inevitable.

In conclusion

If you’ve gone through all of these steps, there is no way that you won’t channel your profession and knowledge in the right way. You will gain all the information that you need and put it out there. That way, you’re good to go. What is only left is to stop being lazy and get started!