What You Need To Know Before Moving To Oregon

Moving To Oregon

The population of the state of Oregon is growing at 5.2%, with much of this increase put down to people moving into the region. Seeing this trend you may be inclined to up sticks and move to the Beaver State yourself. However, before doing so, there are a number of things that you need to know. The most important of these are listed below.

The scenery is great

Oregon is home to Crater Lake National Park and as you can imagine, it is a place of outstanding natural beauty. In addition to this, there are also a number of smaller state parks littered throughout Oregon that are also well worth a visit in their own right. With both miles of coastline and inland mountain ranges, the Beaver State really does have something for everyone.

It is home to the best wine

Whilst Californian wine might be more better known, the wine in Oregon is much more flavorsome. The state is most famous for its pinot noir. Any wine lovers out there will be sure to fall in love with Oregon and enjoy taking a trip to one of the many vineyards that are now beginning to pop up in the region.

There is more to it than Portland

Whilst Portland is of course a large and vibrant city that is home to a large hipster culture and attracts many tourists from not only the United States of America but from all over the world, there is much more to the state of Oregon than this one city. There are lots of other cities and towns there that are well worth a visit or to live in, such as Eugene. There really is lots to explore there.

House prices are expensive

Over the last few years the average house price in the state of Oregon has significantly increased. This is particularly true for house prices in the city area of Portland. One of the main reasons for the increase is the demand caused by so many people moving to the Beaver State in recent years. What many people do when moving to the region is begin by renting so that they can save up for a deposit on a house of their own.

It is left leaning

The type of politics that is popular in the state of Oregon is more left leaning that what it is conservative. However, that is not to say that all parts of the state are this way inclined – there are still some pockets of conservatism in Oregon. As a result of this, the region is big on the promotion of renewable energy and has lots of progressive policies in place, such as implementing the automatic registration of voters and other similar policies.

If after reading through the above things you feel like a move to the Pacific North West is good for you then Visit Oregon Real Estate to find the perfect home to live in there.