7 Questions to Ask When Hiring a Web Design Agency

Web Design Agency

Did you know that the US has over 25,000 web agencies? If you are looking for the best web design agencies, that number poses a bit of a challenge: how to choose a web design agency that’s right for you. 

The first thing you need to do is prepare a shortlist. But to narrow down that shortlist, you’ll need to move into detective mode and find out a bit more about the agency.

To help, we’ve put together seven questions to ask when hiring a web design agency. 

1. Can I See Some Case Studies?

Case studies will provide an insight into how the company operates. They’ll tell you a little about the results you might expect based on what they’ve achieved with similar clients.

They’ll also help you understand how the company interacts with its customers. That’s an excellent way to gauge if their customer service approach is what you want. 

2. What’s Your Design Approach?

Some companies have an Agile approach to their design. That’s an iterative style of work, and it means you’ll get early access to your website in its most skeleton format while they work on the rest.

Some agencies prefer the more traditional approach of sending you the complete and finished website.

Agencies might have different approaches to their design too. They may take a user-experience-led approach or favor slick, highly stylized designs. 

3. Have You Worked With My Industry Before?

Some agencies specialize in one or two industries. That can give you a distinct advantage as they will know what works for your audience. Ask if your shortlisted agency has worked with customers in the same industry.

4. Do You Offer SEO?

Not all agencies offer digital marketing and SEO, whereas some, like Designmemarketing.com, will make it part of a website build. Ask about SEO before you sign so you know what to expect.

It’s always worth choosing an agency that designs websites with SEO in mind. Your build will already be optimized; that saves you time and money later. 

5. How Will You Keep Me Updated?

Excellent communication is essential to a smooth-running project. You want a company that’s approachable enough for you to call when you need help and one that will keep you regularly updated on their progress.

Ask whether they have any systems to manage communications, such as a weekly update report sent to you. 

6. Do You Have an In-House Team?

Some design agencies use freelancers and overseas development teams to complete their projects. While this isn’t necessarily a problem, it will make it harder for you to meet face to face on your project.

If you prefer to have direct conversations with the technical team building your website, keep this in mind. 

7. What Are the Timeframes? 

Lastly, don’t forget about timeframes. If you have a specific deadline, tell the agency upfront so they have the opportunity to explain whether or not they could meet that target. 

Find the Perfect Web Design Agency

Finding the best web design agency might take a little time with thousands of potential businesses from which to choose. But it’s worth the extra effort to find your perfect match and help you turn your vision into a stunning website. 

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