The Complete Guide to Playing Minecraft for Beginners

Playing Minecraft

Did you know that Minecraft is the most popular game in the U.S., with more than 3.20 million games sold? Most would be shocked that it’s not Fortnite or Call of Duty. 

Minecraft was initially designed to be played in survival mode. Playing Minecraft in survival mode sees players start in a vast, blocky landscape where they must rely on the resources around them to live and prosper. There are also numerous survival servers where players may play alone or with others in the survival game mode.

If you’re new to the world and rules of Minecraft, don’t worry. We’ve got your back. Please keep reading for the best Minecraft for beginners tips that we can assure you that you’ll need. 

What Is Minecraft?

Minecraft is one of the most popular and successful games ever made in the gaming world. Mojang has built a sandbox video game. Markus “Notch” Persson created the game in Java programming.

By 2020, Minecraft will have sold 200 million copies and have 126 million monthly active users, making it the best-selling video game of all time. To master Minecraft, you’ll need to memorize a few key survival strategies. For example, in the survival mode, players must gather materials to construct the planet and keep themselves healthy.

Let’s explore them one at a time. But, before we do, is your Minecraft server not working? You can check this guide to fix it. 

Playing Minecraft 101: Never Ever Dig Down Directly Downwards

In Minecraft, it’s never a good idea to go digging straight down. Direct mining is seldom a smart option in this game. As a result of this irresponsible behavior, several players have suffered the price.

As long as they’re holding valuable stuff that took hours of grinding to get, gamers will quickly realize that this is a horrible idea. There’s no better way to descend into the world than by building stairs.

Make Doors That Can Withstand Zombie Attacks

Players may easily keep dangerous zombies out of their fortress by zombie proofing a door. This is a simple but effective method.

In Minecraft, zombies are prone to slamming shut any door they believe to be closed. On the other hand, zombies are tricked into thinking that a door in front of them is genuinely open, even when you’ve shut it.

The game’s programming may interpret a door as being ‘open,’ in which case it is technically open. However, the door is shut, preventing zombies from entering the room.

Consider All Mushroom Biomes to Be Safe

You may find no hostile mobs in the mushroom habitat at any time of the day or night.

Mushrooms are fantastic places to build up camp, and the milking of the natural mushrooms provides an almost limitless supply of food, making them ideal locations for gamers to set up camp.

Always Aim for an Endless Supply of Water

A game-changing trick for players who have built their base distant from a massive body of water is a game-changing trick. Setting up an endless water supply in Minecraft is simple and requires a tiny initial water source and a few buckets. If you’re playing on a Minecraft server with a limited supply of water, this tip may come in handy.

To create an endless supply of water, all players need to dig a 2×2 pit and deposit a bucket of water on each of the four corners. In a matter of seconds, an inexhaustible supply of water has been generated.

Pumpkin Seeds Are Great for Fighting Endermen

Seeing Endermen is made possible by using a pumpkin-shaped mask. As one would think, an Enderman will not be agitated if a player wearing a pumpkin looks at it squarely in its eyes.

Due to the enormous number of Endermen in the location, this method is useful when players enter the End dimension. Anyone may make the mistake of stumbling into one of the many Endermen that populate the End realm.

Watch Out for Your Tools’ Durability

When you’re in the middle of a zombie swarm, and your sword breaks or your elytra breaks while you’re flying about in your world, it isn’t very pleasant.

Remember that repairing current equipment rather than constructing a new one will save you money in the long run. “A stitch in time saves nine,” as the proverb goes.

Catch Villages Every Time You Come Across a Village

This one may seem harsh, but it’s necessary.

To keep the villagers from fleeing or being murdered, you may wall the town up or block the entrances of the homes while they sleep so that they can’t get out of the village. After all, you’re only keeping them safe from zombies.

Walls and Torches Are Literal Life-Savers

It’s essential to build walls if you wish to protect yourself from intruders.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re protecting your home or keeping creepers at bay while caring for your crops. Mobs can’t go in if you’ve got a wall up, but lighting up the area makes it impossible for them to spawn.

Exploring Minecraft: The Beginner’s Edition

So, you’ve built a stronghold and amassed sufficient resources; it’s time to go out into the wild and explore more of the game’s universe. You need to remember the necessities to live in the wild and untamed areas. We hope that our little guide on playing Minecraft has put you on the right path. 

Of course, the world of Minecraft is extensive, so these are only the first tips you need to survive, and you’ll be able to take it from here. And, if you’re hungry for more information and tricks for games like Minecraft and others, we’ve got it covered in our gaming section. Therefore, make sure to spend some time reading our explainers there.