The Complete Rundown For Apple Repairs

Here’s a little Apple by the numbers for you. In 2016, Apple announced it had sold its billionth iPhone. Yes, billion, not million. Just recently, Apple announced it has 1.65 billion active Apple devices in use. below in this article, we will cover The Complete Rundown For Apple Repairs.

The Complete Rundown For Apple Repairs
The Complete Rundown For Apple Repairs

For most Apple users, that isn’t just casual use either. Their phones or iPad are getting hard daily use. And let’s be real, that also means that’s a whole lot of screens, batteries, and buttons taking some hard wear and tear on a daily basis. 

It’s a sad fact to know that two smartphone screens break every second across the US. So, do you need Apple repairs? Read on to learn more about the most common Apple devices and the repairs needed on them. 

Apple Screen Repair

With so many Apple devices in use and so many screens connected to those devices, it’s no surprise the most common repair needed involves screen problems. In fact, in just a year some 50 million cracked screens happen to Apple devices. What’s the cost for all those broken screens? It’s about a whopping $3.4 billion in repairs.

What can happen to your Apple screen that might necessitate a needed repair? Apple iPad and Apple iPhones get dropped with regular use. They slip out of your hands and hit the ground. Screens can chip, crack and even break completely.

Apple has strict guidelines when it comes to repairs. If you have a device with screen damage, you can go to:

  • An Apple Store
  • An Apple Authorized Service Provider
  • An Apple Repair Center

Apple maintains its quality control by closely monitoring its authorized service providers when you don’t have access to an Apple store in your area.

Apple Battery Repairs

Another common Apple device issue is related to the device’s battery. This can come about from either a defective battery or from use over time. 

If you have a defective battery, it may be covered by your warranty, depending on the age of your device. If you have an older device, your battery may be wearing out in which case you need a replacement.

If you put an Apple Care package on your phone and have damage to your battery, Apple will do a replacement for you.

If your device is past its warranty, you can visit an Apple store or an authorized service provider to get a new battery put in.

Other Apple iPhone and Computer Repairs

There are a few other issues that are more common to arise with Apple iPhones. Sometimes there are problems with the home button. You might also have a device that experiences water damage because of a spill. The best option in either scenario is to visit your Apple store or an authorized dealer. 

Of course, Apple makes more than phones and iPad. While their Macbooks are both wildly popular and last a long time, occasionally you’ll have an issue with those also. Common problems include connectivity issues. You might also have trouble connecting an external device using the USB port. 

Sometimes Macbooks, especially Macbook Air have had camera issues with Facetime. 

Apple offers some suggestions from home. If those don’t work, it’s always best to visit your Apple store or authorized service provider. 

Apple Repairs Needed for Your Apple Devices

While Apple makes a whole fleet of great products as billions of users have figured out, sometimes devices break. To get your Apple repairs done right, be sure to follow Apple guidelines. It’s how they maintain the quality that’s a key component to the success of their products. 

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