kids and smart tech

When the use of Internet interrupts significantly and without reason the usual activities, it is an addiction in which each person has the need to increase the amount of time connected to the Internet to feel satisfied.

Internet addiction is closely related to adolescence. The most frequent profile is usually that of a young man with low self-esteem and social phobia (shyness), although today there are many young people with different characteristics. 

Symptoms of internet addiction

Among the symptoms to detect an Internet addiction, we find: 

– Changes in life habits to connect more often, for example, sleepless hours. 
– Neglect of health and physical activity. 
– Avoidance of other types of important activities. 
– Loss of social contacts. 
– Total concentration on the screen, ignoring what happens around.
– Great irritability for being interrupted. 

Parents and educators should pay attention to: 
– The time they spend connected to the Internet without having to pass it. 
– The frequency with which it connects. 
– The reasons why he says connect. 
– The attitude that shows when it bothers (irritability, anxiety, etc.). 
– The attitude that shows while connected (absorbed, very focused, anxious, etc.). 

Consequences of internet addiction

Like any addiction, Internet addiction negatively affects the person and has serious consequences in: 

– Relations with others. 
– The work or tasks performed. 
– Health. 
– Daily habits.

For all this, if parents and educators are concerned about the possibility that a teenager (or child) suffer Internet addiction, they should mean the effort to save their kids.

Limit Screen Time App – to prevent internet addiction:

Internet abuse by an adolescent generates many problems in the family and parents feel unable to reduce this amount of hours in which their child is hooked to the network. With limit screen time app such as FamilyTime, parents can help their kids expand their world so that he begins to see life also outside the internet. With the FamilyTime app, parents can:

  1. Monitor web history to see the URLs they visit with the date and time stamps.
  2. See bookmarks and favorites to keep tabs on their web preferences.
  3. Enable safe internet search and put web filters on their devices to ensure positive use of the internet.
  4. View the complete list of apps installed on their device
  5. Check the frequency of app usage to estimate the time they spend on each application.
  6. Put inappropriate apps to the Block list of apps and restrict their access temporarily or permanently.
  7. Schedule auto screen locks on their devices at any given time for a specific time interval.
  8. Put a remote lock on their devices to limit access anytime you want.


And the list of valuable features of FamilyTime doesn’t end here.

There are many other features that empower parents to take control such as Geo-fencing, location tracking, teen safe drive options, speed limits, Watchlisting contacts, etc. So, give this app a try for free and explore the app yourself. To download the app, go now to the app store on your phone i.e. Google Play or iTunes.