Do We Need Couple’s Therapy?

Do We Need Couple's Therapy
Do We Need Couple’s Therapy?

Being in any relationship is more often than not a roller-coaster of emotions. When a couple is going strong, it’s almost as if nothing can rival the thrill and happiness we feel because of it. Below, in this article we will cover the information about Do We Need Couple’s Therapy?

But on the other hand, when a relationship goes in a different direction feelings of negativity and anger often feel inescapable. More often than not, the inability of a connection to bounce back after these feelings of negativity eventually leads to the relationship failing.

Before that happens, it is crucial to consider the positive impact that professional help can provide. Uplift Psych Group provides couples counseling to help couples address the struggles and points of conflict that put pressure on their relationship. 

These problems are often related to trust, communication, fear of intimacy, and many other obstacles faced by modern couples. But how do you know the right time for Couples Counselling?

According to experts from Couples Counseling Campbell CA there are three common symptoms of a relationship in need of professional guidance and psychological expertise. These are:

Communication Breakdown

Any fruitful relationship relies on effective communication. If human beings could read minds and emotions, communicating wouldn’t be as necessary, but seeing as we aren’t omnipotent, communication is critical. 

Many relationships fail because of a communications breakdown. Although it isn’t as explosive or sudden as the term suggests, it builds walls which leads to marital disintegration. A couple with different communication styles, or communicate their thoughts and feelings differently, often leads to misunderstandings. 

In Couples Counseling Campbell, CA, couples can learn to recognize each other’s communication styles. Couples learn how to tweak their communication styles so that they better hear and best understand each other.

Loss and Betrayal of Trust

One of the most common problems that lead to relationship failure is the loss of trust. A healthy relationship’s necessary foundation is trust, but even though it is essential, it is also extremely fragile. 

Once trust is lost or damaged, it may take a while for couples to rebuild or it may not be rebuilt at all. In couples therapy, couples are provided with a proper environment to create that trust with deeper insights and better understanding. It gives every relationship a chance to be saved and even be stronger than its previous state.

Fear of Intimacy

Distance is a culprit in many a breakup, but what few people realize is that the same goes for emotional distance. Even if you live together or see each other every day, a lack of intimacy in a relationship may cause partners to feel closed off and rejected. 

In couples counseling, partners can develop closeness and better intimacy through acceptance, healing, and trust rebuilding. The process helps bring relationships closer together.

At Uplift Psychology Group, you will interact with experienced, professional, and highly-trained psychologists. They help you break away from the obstacles that are keeping you from a life of fulfillment and achievement of potential. Uplift Psychology Group specializes in clinical therapy, and one of the best couple’s counseling sessions you’ll need. 


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