An Introduction to Stealth Camping

Stealth Camping

If you’ve ever thought about going camping, now’s the time to do it. Both wild camping and van camping have been a popular part of American life.

But have you considered going stealth camping? This is an adventurous type of camping that has two iterations. One requires throwing yourself into the wild. The other means that you explore as much as you can within one day.

This short guide will provide an introduction to stealth camping and how to get started.

Here’s what you need to know:

The Two Types of Stealth Camping

One type of stealth camping is akin to wild camping. This is where you’ll go deep into wilderness areas for exploration. Another is when you park your van in an area not necessarily made for camping.

In the latter scenario, you can park somewhere which isn’t included among traditional wilderness areas. However, it’ll be a place where, according to local parking laws, you can park your car overnight.

You can stay for one or two nights maximum before moving to the new location. Many Americans living the van life are incorporating stealth camping into their lives.

If this interests you, click for sprinter camper vans that you’ll need for stealth camping. Take your time to shop around for the ideal sprinter van.

You want to stick to a small van. The larger the van is, the more you’ll draw attention to yourself.

The purpose of stealth camping is that you’ll enjoy camping incognito. It’s something you’ll do on your own or with other people. It’s not something to enjoy with a large group.

Tips for Stealth Camping

Before you go stealth camping, you have to consider a few things. First, you have to check the parking laws of a particular area.

You don’t want to illegally park your van in an unfamiliar neighborhood. You must remember that your presence can cause discomfort to the locals. You must ask the local police station about the laws regarding parking in public.

When eating, you want to go to a restaurant or a local park. If you spend too much time in your van, locals might feel that you’re attempting to establish residency in the area.

Remember that you shouldn’t stay more than 2 nights at a given place. You also want to stay under the radar. Try not to draw too much attention to yourself.

You also shouldn’t try to disturb the peace in the area. For example, don’t play loud music while you’re in your sprinter van. 

Enjoy Stealth Camping

Now you know how stealth camping works and how to do it properly.

You want to find a great sprinter van that you can park overnight. Make sure you check the parking laws of any locale before going there. At most, you should stay 2 nights in the locale.

You also shouldn’t try to draw too much attention to yourself. Try not to eat in your van and don’t play any loud music. You don’t want to give the impression that you’re trying to establish residency.

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