Top 8 Most Expensive Collectibles

Top 8 Most Expensive Collectibles

Top 8 Most Expensive Collectibles: Collecting items has been fascinating humans for hundreds of years, with some well-known people taking part in this popular hobby. Napoleon Bonaparte and Sigmund Freud spent their time collecting ancient antiques. Actress Nicole Kidman has amassed quite the collection of coins.

Although many collections have sentimental value, some are worth a serious amount of money when brought to auction. The item’s history, the market, and the quality of the item can impact what it is worth. 

Are you wondering if your collection is worth a gold mine? Keep reading to learn about some of the most expensive collectibles ever sold at auction. 

1. Coins 

If you are looking for ideas on what to collect, coins are an excellent place to start. Collecting coins has been a popular hobby for centuries, peaking in the 1970s. 

The most valuable coin sold at auction was the United States 1794 Flowing Hair Silver Dollar. This mint-condition coin has the title of the first coin minted in America. It sold for over ten million dollars at auction in 2013. 

You won’t get very far if you’re hoping to find one of these coins while cleaning out your piggy bank. There are only 100 in circulation today, each belonging to a collector. 

2. Pokemon Cards 

Collections aren’t only for adults. Kid toys are some of the most sought-after collectible items on the market. 

Pokemon, a Japanese card game, first took off in the mid-90s. From there, people couldn’t get enough of adding cards to their own collections. 

The rarest Pokemon card today is the Number One Trainer card in a holographic style. To get it, you had to win this card in a regional Pokemon tournament in 1999. The tournament winners then used the card in a Secret Super Battle. 

This Pokemon card went for $90,000 at auction in 2020. You’re not totally out of luck if you don’t have that card lying around. A first edition Charizard, Chansey, and Blastoise can all fetch a nice price at auction. 

3. Beanie Babies 

Chances are you have a few of these bean-filled animals around your house, but only a few are worth any money. When looking for the most valuable, focus on first edition toys with their original tags. 

A first edition Humphrey the Camel Beanie Baby is worth almost a thousand dollars today. Humphrey is part of the original nine Beanie Babies, making it worth a lot of money. 

The white Valentine’s bear with a misspelled tag is worth thousands of dollars. That is not the only Beanie Baby bear worth some serious cash. The bear made to commemorate Princess Diana’s death is very rare and can get you top dollar if you have one. 

If you are wondering where to sell beanie babies, it’s easier than you think. You can sell either locally or online to get the best price for your collection. 

4. Stamps 

Like coins, stamps are another collectible with a high collection value. The rarest stamp to exist isn’t even really a stamp at all.

In 1856, the postmaster in Guiana was sent 45,000 fewer stamps than he ordered. He had the local newspaper print temporary stamps so people could send their mail. 

Once the shipment of real stamps arrived, the postmaster tried to take the fake stamps out of circulation but missed one. The 1856 British Guiana One-Cent Magenta stamp sold for over nine million dollars in a 2014 auction. 

5. Comic Books

Jam-packed with action heroes, comic books are one of the most fun collections to have. Although you could buy these fun reads for pennies, many are now worth a fortune.

Comic books in perfect condition that introduce a character are often worth a lot of money. A 12 cent July 1962 comic book introducing Spider-Man sold for over a million dollars in 2011. 

Several different Captain America comics have seen high prices at auction too. A 1942 copy of Captain America #18 was sold to a collector for 15 thousand dollars. This comic is the only of its kind to have all the pages intact.

6. Fine Art 

If you have the means, one of the most lucrative collections you can have is that of fine art. Fine art collectors are often on the hunt for pieces from specific artists or genres of painting. 

In 2017, Da Vinci’s Salvator Mundi painting sold for an astounding 450 million dollars. Many people thought this painting had been destroyed until someone found it again in 2005. 

The most expensive contemporary painting to sell was Jackson Pollock’s Number 17A. This expert abstract artist’s painting sold for 200 million dollars in a deal made in 2015. 

7. Watches 

Watches are another collectible category that has a big following. People are willing to shell out a lot of dough to add to their timepiece collections. 

Some of the rarest timepieces have unique histories or a famous former owner. When a 1968 Rolex Cosmograph Daytona watch worn by Paul Newman went to auction, it made a cool 17.8 million. 

Watchmaker Patek Philipe broke all watch records in 2019. It was then that they came out with their Grandmaster Chime watch. Made for the 175th anniversary, this watch took seven years to make and sold for 31 million dollars.

8. Baseball Cards 

It’s not always items in perfect condition that are collectible. Items with errors can be very desirable too. 

For example, a T206 Joe Doyle card baseball card lists the wrong team for the player. This little error makes an otherwise worthless card worth over 400 thousand dollars. 

Famous players can also win big at auctions. A 1933 card featuring the sultan of swat, Babe Ruth, sold for over four million dollars at a 2021 auction. This card was part of a 240 card set put out by a bubble gum company. 

Expensive Collectibles or Not, Having a Collecting Is a Worthwhile Investment 

If you have the money, amassing expensive collectibles may be a hobby you want to explore. Make sure to do your research, know how to spot a fake, and enjoy the thrill of the chase! 

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