Top 3 Most Overpowered Classes in Wrath of the Lich King

Wrath of the Lich King

Hello! Today we would like to cover such a complex and multifaceted topic in WotLK as the definition of the most powerful class in the game. To answer the question of which class is the strongest, it is necessary to consider many aspects associated with each of them and make a final balanced decision based on the analysis of these aspects. In this article, we would like to highlight the 3 most powerful classes in WotLK Classic, considering only their qualities in the original WotLK and various raids.

The 3 best classes in WotLK

To evaluate the effectiveness of each of the classes, it is necessary to analyze the components of the effectiveness of the classes at each of the levels. As a result, all estimates based on the results of various tests are analyzed and a conclusion is made about the overall effectiveness of a particular class. For example, a Death Knight at the seventh level scores seven points out of ten, the eighth level scores four points out of ten, the ninth level scores six points out of ten, and scores a full ten points at the tenth level. As a result, this class receives six points out of ten. Thus, it is necessary to conduct such assessments for all classes available in the game to identify the strongest, able to adequately prove themselves at all levels, and WotLK Classic.

This article is written with one main goal – to give players an understanding of which classes in the game give the maximum profit at any of the levels so that you can decide on the choice of a class if you have not yet managed to do it yourself.

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Many of our readers are not surprised to see this class at the very top of the top. And this is not surprising, paladins are the real champions of WotLK. Protection paladins, holy paladins are a great choice for annihilating all life. Even in not the most skillful hands, this is a deadly weapon at any level. Holy paladins are also second to none. Retribution paladins, however, do not have such terrifying damage as the types described earlier, but they are also far from a weak class. At the tenth level, they can demonstrate outstanding performance, not inferior to their counterparts. Yes, we agree that at the eighth and seventh levels these are not the strongest players in the aggregate of many, but the picture is completely corrected by the Paladins of Defense. This type of hero is so powerful that it has long won the status of the most important tank in the entire game. An exception may be Death Knights, who have completely conquered the 9th level of WotLK.

At the moment, Holy Paladins have become much more effective than they used to be. This happens due to a combination of many factors. For example, access to new symbol systems. One very important aspect to note here is that Holy Paladins gain access to one of the most effective glyphs in the entire game, which is called the Glyph of Holy Light. With this glyph, Holy Light gains 10% of its healing, spreading to up to 5 of your allies within 8 yards of the main target of the glyph. This glyph is simply amazing. With it, you can spam your target with Holy Light, while healing your allies around. In turn, this will allow you to pump at lightning speed. Healing paladins are a great class in WotLK that will allow you to heal allies while being able to tank successfully.


The druid class is great in WotLK in every way as far as play style is concerned. All three roles are subject to players who have chosen the Druid character class: heal, tank, and DPS. Druids have both range specs: a melee spec and a ranged spec. This is truly the only class in the entire game that has all of these features. This is what makes this class unique. So, if you don’t like DPS or healing, you can always successfully tank by using this class. Also vice versa. If you can’t stand tanking, you can always win back through healing or DPS. In this regard, the druid is the most tactically flexible hero class, which completely unties the player’s hands and allows him to play exactly as is necessary for a particular situation.

Among other things, since the druid is the most flexible and combo class, you can heal and protect each of the specs.

All this makes the druid class the most friendly for beginners. He forgives mistakes and allows a novice player to understand where and what he is good at. The druid does not limit the player with his abilities, giving all the possibilities for the most diverse wagering. And in the hands of a skilled player, it becomes a real killing machine.

Also, due to the ability to change force, the druid is in the lead in terms of mobility and pumping speed.

Death Knight

As mentioned earlier, the title of the undisputed winner at the ninth level deservedly goes to the Death Knight. However, this class has proven itself well at any of the levels in WotLK Classic. Yes, at levels 8 and 10, the Death Knight may not perform as well as at level 10, but still, his DPS capabilities are more than enough to wreak havoc, especially in skillful rooks.

This class can combine good survivability with high damage if you understand what you expect from this class. With the right leveling of talents, this class can easily compete with the first place in our top, dealing with strong opponents alone.


Often, even an experienced player finds it difficult to decide on a class for the game, because WotLK Classic provides a really large number of them to choose from. Even if a player played the classic WotLK many years ago, this can be a difficult choice. Almost the entire further game depends on the choice of class: the type of wagering, your role in battles, the method of combat, etc. The choice of a hero depends entirely on the personal interests and skills of a particular player. If you find it difficult to make a decision, we hope that this article will help you with this.

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